Doc's 1956 Corvette Archive
1956 Early Sales Brochure; Late Sales Brochure 1956 2x4 VIN #277
1956 Advertising 1956 SR-1
1956 Press Release Photos 1956 SR-2
1956 Export Model VIN #1839 1956 Mobil 2x4 #120
1956 Cascade Green VIN #4098 2x4 1956 replica SR-1
1956 SR-2 VIN #1522 at Elkhart Lake 1956 Aztec Copper
1956 SR-2 VIN #1636 in 1957 1956 VIN #589 Super Sport
1956 Daytona Coverage: Hot Rod - Sports Illustrated
1956 Sebring Coverage: Motor Trend - Hot Rod - Sports Car Illustrated

1956 Periodical List in the 1956 Archive :
January Sports Illustrated - "Bring on the Hay Bales" by John Fitch
February Motor Trend - "More Fuel for an old Duel" by Don MacDonald
February Sports Illustrated - "Betty Skelton" author unknown
March Motorsport - "56 Corvette" author unknown
March Sports Cars Illustrated - "Sports Cars in the American Tradition" by Karl Ludvigsen
March Road & Track - "Road Test: Two Corvettes" author unknown
April Speed Age -"Enter: Corvette" by Bob Fendell
May Auto Age - " Engineering Development of the 1956 Corvette" by Zora Arkus-Duntov
May Hot Rod - Daytona Speed Week Coverage - title and author unknown
May Sports Cars Illustrated - "SCI Road Test: Chevrolet Corvette" by Karl Ludvigsen
May Automobile Topics - Eighty 1956 Corvettes in dealer driveaway at Gardena Stadium"
May Automobile Topics - "New Methods Produce Corvette Fiberglass Top" author unknown
June Motor Trend - "Debut at Sebring" by Al Kidd
July Hot Rod - "Seen and Scenes at Sebring" by Harry Steele
July Sports Car Illustrated - "How Fast is the Corvette? By Roger Huntington
July Speed Age - "Jimmy Reece Track Tests America's '56 Sports Cars" by Jimmy Reece
September Motor Life "Corvette SR-2" by Art Dean
October Hot Rod - "Rod Testing a STOCK Corvette" by Racer Brown
1956 Mechanics Illustrated "The Sensational '56 Corvette" author unknown
1956 VIN #1589 Super Sport in the June 1957 Speed Age  

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