CLONED 1956 Sebring #5 SR-1

Following the Corvette Carlisle event I received information that the model below was not an authentic Sebring SR-1. You have to be pretty good to fool Loren Lundberg, John Neas and the other old guard members of the NCRS. They have pointed out several inconsistincies that simply do support the claims that this was the genuine #5 entry at the 1956 Sebring race.

The original GM Engineering Work Orders for the factory prepared Sebring racers reveal that the only genuine 1956 production based Corvette at Sebring was entry #7 (1956 VIN #9 or E56S001009). This is currently John Neas car and has genuine verified identification as this Sebring race model.

The other 1956 factory GM entries at Sebring were entries #1, #5 and #6 and were actually built on modified 1955 Corvette frames. Entry #1 carried a prototype body and #5 and #6 carried 1956 St. Louis manufactured bodies ordered by Engineering at the start of 1956 production. Although they all looked like 1956 models, only the #7 entry was a genuine 1956.

The model below with a VIN in the 24XX range is described as entry #5, but has a VIN # that is greater than the entire 700 unit production of 1955 models. If this were a 1955, the VIN could not be greater than 1700. Uhhhhhh Ohhhhh !

If instead this were a 1956 model, the VIN # 24XX represents a models that was produced in May 1956, fully two month after the March 24, 1956 Sebring race. Uhhhhhh Ohhhhh ! A genuine 1956 Sebring model could not have a VIN greater than about #700, because it could not have been built after the March 24, 1956 race unless we believe in the Twilight Zone.

Unless some contrary evidence arises, this model can only be described as a CLONE of a Sebring race model. I don't think there is anything wrong with building a replica of a genuine model. However representing the replica as a genuine model would be considered as a fraud by everyone but the BJ auction crew.



This is a replica of the genuine #5 entry in the 1956 Sebring 12 hour race. The genuine #5 was a DNF due to a broken left rear Halibrand wheel.


Although Red rims were not used in the race, these are appealing with these small Bowtie hubcaps. I like them.


This CLONED Sebring raced SR-1's is presented as an early 1956 models with painted headlamp rims. Note the small Orange and Red night time identification lamps mounted to the upper front passengers side fender.


This replica reproduces details of the night time ID lamps with partial reflector shades so as not to distract the driver.

Below the grill are the mounts for the extra lamps that were mounted for night time driving.


Unfortunately I did not get to question the current owner of this replica beauty.

Note the cylindrical raised lamp on the trunk, necessary to illuminate the missing entry number (#5) for the night time recognition on this replica of a Sebring SR-1


A typical period accurate quick filler for the gas tank.


This replica of the the passengers side brake air scoop is one of the significant identifiers of an SR-1 model.


An inner fenderwell view of the ducting from the external scoop.


Note the gutted doors on this replica. No internal window regulator mechanisms and absence of wiper, heater, cigaret lighter, clock and radio block off plate.


One of the high RPM AC tachometers with an engine revolution counter.


Only the headlamp switch and knob are needed. No parking brake alarm, clutch or brake pedal rubber pads. I did not get to ID the small shiny square plate with the two toggle switches.


The odomoter shows 88,853 miles on this replica. Worn in, but not worn out.

A genuine 1956 post Sebring SR-1

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