Lime Rock Park 50th Anniversary

This is the 50th Anniversary of racing at Lime Rock. An enviable record.
Left: a copy of the Connecticut State Police Permit # 141 to hold a "Small Production Car Endurance Race 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM" by "the Lime Rock Corporation" at "Lakeville" at the "Lime Rock Sports Car Course" in the town of Salisbury on the 12th of October 1957.

Left: Undated old Lime Rock race line up. First row Triumph, Porsche Speedster, MG-T?. Second row has a VW Beetle in the center. I looked for 1957 Corvette #114 but could not tell if it was in this pictures.

Left: "50 Years of Road Racing" poster. Below: race memorabilia display.

Below: unknown Corvette racer #89. Right: Fred raced his 1974 in Lime Rock club events.

Below: an early aerial view of Lime Rock track.

Below: a more recent view with much more infrastructure, roads and improvememts.

Lime Rock Track

1.53 Miles, 7 Turns, Asphalt with lots of passing - in lots of traffic

the Schedule

only 2 days to see all this !

the C6R Garage

nearly a half mile long with 2 wide Avenues filled with all manner of other race stuff

the C6R B&B

#4 goes to bed early before the race

the Serendepity

life is like a box of chocolates; ya never know what'll turnip

the Pits

nearly a half mile long Pit Lane

the Pace Cars

C6 Z06 and Audi as in Sebring

Corral Corvette's

bigger than Sebring!

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