#4 goes to bed early 7:29 PM July 6

At Lime Rock the #4 team car was stored in the trailer at night before the race.

Note the Yellow ramp under the front wheel.

Drivers side door impact protection. (we don't need no stinking doors)

Note: the Yellow auxillary ramps necessary to get onto the trailers door ramp.

Going Up.

Almost there.


Lime Rock Track

1.53 Miles, 7 Turns, Asphalt with lots of passing - in lots of traffic

the Schedule

only 2 days to see all this !

the C6R Garage

nearly a half mile long with 2 wide Avenues filled with all manner of other race stuff

the C6R B&B

#4 goes to bed early before the race

the Serendepity

life is like a box of chocolates; ya never know what'll turnip

the Pits

nearly a half mile long Pit Lane

the Pace Cars

C6 Z06 and Audi as in Sebring

Corral Corvette's

bigger than Sebring!

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