Corvette Thunder at Lime Rock July 5th
  We arrived Thursday and after parking our Cummings C6, we immediately drove to the paddock. It was about 6:30 PM but the Corvette team was still there working on both the #3 and #4 C5R Pratt & Miller beauties. Yeee Haaaa. And then this Corvette Serendepity just hit me again.  


Like Yogi Berra, I believe it's DejaVu all over again. I'm a believer in serendepity. In 1970 my Jag-u-are was stolen and I bought my Aunts Sil's 1963 Corvette. Serendepity. After Sebring March 2007 I run into the #3 C6R Crew at Outback, and briefly meet the #3 Crew Chief. Serendepity.

Thursday evening at Lime Rock I recognize that #3 Crew Chief, Dan Binks and he smiles and says "Hi, how are you?" I reply "Fine and you?" He acknowledges, and I said "You remember me????" And he says "Sure", and then invites me and Deb into their tent garages. He knows I'm a rabid fan. And by now I'm shooting jpegs as fast as my Sony will allow. I mentions the photos and offer him copies. He says he will get me an address and I happily wander about the Corvette "restricted" race garage grinning like a Chesire cat. I'm on hallowed ground. And everyone is grinning and smiling at me like it's a Corvette Dream.

A few minutes later a woman in the Corvette Team apparel asks me about the photos and I'm gushing that anyone is interested. She introduced herself but I was so intoxicated just being in "theeee C6R Corvette" tent that I did not really comprehend what she was saying. She excuses herself and returns with a business card, grabs the pen in my shirt pocket and writes her name on the card and says - send it to my attention. Then it dawns on me Serendepity has again struck me right between the eyes. We had way too much fun. We chatted again on Friday and I was again so excited my wife had to do all the talking. I couldn't talk; all I could do was grin and giggle like a kid.

I got more great Corvette stills and video and just looked at it once since we got back. Sunday we went to the annual CtCvetClub meet at Moroso event. I'm pooped. Very sunburned.


Go Corvette. Thanks You Corvette Team for another great time.


Lime Rock Track

1.53 Miles, 7 Turns, Asphalt with lots of passing - in lots of traffic

the Schedule

only 2 days to see all this !

the C6R Garage

nearly a half mile long with 2 wide Avenues filled with all manner of other race stuff

the C6R B&B

#4 goes to bed early before the race

the Serendepity

life is like a box of chocolates; ya never know what'll turnip

the Pits

nearly a half mile long Pit Lane

the Pace Cars

C6 Z06 and Audi as in Sebring

Corral Corvette's

bigger than Sebring!

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