September 9-11 2005 Corvettes at McDorman's
  This 32nd annual post Labor Day Buckeye event is sponsored and hosted by Bob McDorman's Chevrolet in Canal Winchester, Ohio just South of Columbus. If you think the above photo shows this franchised Chevrolet dealers showroom or garage, your mistaken. This building is just one of 7 that houses Bob's own collection of "old" cars and accessories.  
  The above building has this selection of 50 +/- Corvettes from 1953 to 2005. I'm envious as Bob has over 110 with every year and then some.  
  Please forgive this blurry shot, my eyes were popping at the selection of models. It had been over a decade since my last visit and this is one great collection of Corvettes +  
  This also is not the main Chevrolet dealership. It's more of the buildings that house Bob's 300+ collection of Corvettes, other GM models and neon signs.  
  C3's, C4's and it really is a must See collection of Corvettes. Many are virtually brand new, no miles and a delight to any NCRS enthusiast.  
  Most all C4 and later models still have the BG window stickers and two of Bob's personal mechanics told my wife their job is just to keep all of them running. This is no easy task.  
  With 30 plus acres on hand everything is in one place, even the spectator parking in the rear. Vettes get preferred parking of course.  
  We arrived early and this allowed us to inspect the many attractions. Our C6 with the optional RPO motel room allowed us to spend more time at these ancillary events.  

Friday and Saturday night we went to the live concerts, cruise in and there was even NCRS judging event. Louise, Brownie and PoppaBear were impressed with Bob's hospitality and facility.

Soon the following will links to 150 more shots of this event ...

The Main Corvette Collection Building

The Celebrity Corvette Collection Building

Bob McDorman's Old - New Corvette Showroom

Bob McDorman's New - New Corvette Showroom

Bob McDorman's Old Garage Office

The Pace Car Collection Building

Friday and Saturday Cruise In and Live Concert

The NCRS Judging Tent

Other GM Collection Building's

more Trucks, etc, etc

the hardest working Woman I know

Can you say Big Boys Toys? Fantastic

If you didn't like the Corvettes and more at Bob McDorman's, you just ain't a Car guy.

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