September 9-11 2005 Corvettes at McDorman's
  I know I'm going to make some errors in these description, but I OD'ed on old Corvettes and was too shell shocked to take notes.  
  A beautiful 1954 in Pennant Blue with a Beige interior which looks like Saddle Tan. Doesn't this pic look like one from a ProTeam ad? More 1954 pics  
  This 1955 is known as Zora's test Mule Corvette, a.k.a. EX-27. It exhibits the traits of a 50's era race cars: streamlined head lamp covers and cockpit covers. More 1955 Mule pictures  
  I'm a push over when I see a Gypsy Red 1955. This beauty has the after market hard top. More 55 pictures. I neglected to get any pics of the C4 Callaway in back.  
  This 1955 Corvette is VIN #2, the second oldest production V8 built. The Gold V trim indicative of that V8 on the side molding is just barely visible in this view.  
  This Onyx Black 1957 has a Beige interior, cove and top. As noted on the windshield, this is VIN #7. Corvettes with low VIN are common in this garage.  
  This 1963 convertible is a factory custom that was driven by Bunkie Knudsen the General Manager of Chevrolet. More Bunkie Knudsen 63 pics  
  This 1963 convertible was a factory custom built for Harley Earl, the chief executive in charge of the GM styling studio. Note the White hood stripe, KO's and side pipes. More Harley Earl pics  
  This 1964 is another factory built custom for Bill Mitchell, the successor to Harley Earl as head of all GM styling. More Bill Mitchell 64 pics  
  This 1964 coupe was owned by Ozzie Olson, sponsor of race cars including the Olsonite Special. He manufactured quality toilet seats. Another 64 Ozzie pic  
  This Silver 1965 is VIN #1 which makes it the oldest 1965 model. Next is a Red 1966 convertible, VIN #2 and then a Red 1967 VIN #7.  
  A Bronze 1968 VIN #2 is the second oldest C3. Next is a Yellow 1969 VIN #5, then an Orange 435 HP coupe VIN #435 and a Red 1972 coupe VIN #1. Many more Corvettes with low VIN's  
  2001 Silver Speedster the personal car of John Cafaro who is credited with the basic C5 design. It was sold at the B-J Palm Beach 2004 auction for $65,880. More Skunk Werkes Speedster pics  

Blue 2004 VIN #31945 the last C5 convertible manufactured.


If you didn't like the Corvettes and more at Bob McDorman's, you just ain't a Car guy.

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