Greenwood Corvettes at Carlisle 2004

  I never gave them much of a toss, however seeing is believing. After a close look, I can now better appreciate the John Greenwood contributions to Chevy Thunder. Those monstrous wide body winged big block behemoths were awesome in person. You have to see them up close to appreciate all the craftsmanship and modifications required to go 230 MPH and faster.  

  The collection of Corvettes at Carlisle 2004 included 15 or so of John Greenwood's WIDE BODY creations. My previous close hand experience with them was as close as the cover on Ludvigsen's book: "Corvette Americas Star-Spangled Sports Car". Who could forget that image of the Stars and Stripes on a full race Corvette? In person they are fabulous additions to the stable.  

Greenwood's 1972 BFG # 48 Race Car - 11 pictures
Greenwood's 1974 Spirit of New Mexico Race Car - 8 pictures
Greenwood's 1975 Turbo Convertible
- 2 pictures
Greenwood's 1975 Sportwagon - 2 pictures
Greenwood's 1976 Spirtit of Sebring Race Car - 4 pictures
Greenwood's 1976 Spirit of LeMans Race Car - 4 pictures
Greenwood's 1977 John Paul GT Supervette Race Car - 8 pictures
Greenwood's 1978 Turbo GT's - 3 pictures
Greenwood's 1981 Daytona & GTO - 4 pictures
Greenwood's 1981 Daytona Turbo - 3 pictures
Greenwood's Chassis - 4 pictures

1974 Greenwood's 1974 Sebring entry - 10+ pictures

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