August 2003 the 22nd annual Corvette at Carlisle

This view is from the hill overlooking the car corral late Saturday. Note that many spaces are empty as some have already left for their motel or home. Unless you have seen it in full action mode, it is difficult to appreciate or visualize 84 acres devoted to Corvettes. I have been to every one, generally Thursday through Sunday, with a few Wednesdays also. This computes as follows: 22 times 4 days equals at least 88 days were spent at Carlilse. Almost 3 months. I should be eligible for voting right soon. :)

The following Corvettes were on display in the long Red building shown above. They comprise some of this years selection of Chip Choice. Note the 1959 Purple People Eater and 1960 Cunningham LeMans cars were a repeat from last years show.

1953 EX-122 - 1 picture

1953 White (what else) - 1 picture

1956 Aztec Copper - 2 pictures

1957 Red - 1 picture

1959 Purple Race Car - 8 pictures

1959 White Race Car - 13 pictures

1960 Cunningham LeMans - 15 pictures

1969 White L-88 2 pictures

???? C5 Yellow Race Car - 4 pictures

This premiere event attracts thousands of Corvette enthusiasts worldwide. I will endeavour to list some of the Corvette folk I personally saw stalking cars and parts. Carlisle People

I would be remiss if I did not mention that Brenda and my wife Debbie did a wonderful job - again while I drank beer and goofed off. Back to Current Events