Doc's 1959 Corvette Archive
1959 Racer

This year my favorite was this 1959 race car.

Note the exhaust outlet in front of the rear wheel well.

The bumpers and grill were removed.

The head lamps were covered with duct tape and the grill was mesh.

Details of the hood and racing stripes.

These are the hood lock pins.

This is an external battery disconnect switch.

This is typical of the racing mirrors of this 1950's era. Reflected in the chrome you can see me in the orange shorts taking the picture.

Note the holes in the brake drum behind these vintage Torque Thrust wheels. Note the plug filling the wiper post hole.

Note the roll cage, safety net, safety harness and racing seats plus the metal trim screwed over the window slot.

Details of the dash, cluster, steering wheel and column.

Details of the roll bar and head rest.

Details of the head rest.

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