1963 Split Window COUPE 2nd Restoration

Ermine White with Saddle Tan Leather Interior

 360 HP Fuel Injection

VIN 6,548

 BW T10 4 speed

50K miles

 Positraction 4:11

Frame off 1975-200?

 Power Brakes

Stopped counting after $50K

 Metallic Brakes

Needs repaint, 4 tires, battery, elbow grease. Not much else

 Power Windows

 Off Road Exhaust

Lots of Paperwork, Pictures

 AM Wonderbar Radio

Original Owners Manual

 2 bar KH KO Wheels

Also have late 63 AM-FM radio

Sold at R&S Chev Middletown, NY
   Original Clear Floor Mats
  Original Corvette Owners Patch, Embossed ID Card
   Accessory Fire Extinguisher, Tool Kit, Spot Lamp
   Original Early 63 Sales Brochure autographed by Zora, Shinoda, Mitchell, Fitch, McLellan and Bondurant. Dealer Album. Finger Tip Facts, TSB's, TSB's, TSB's, TSB's,
   Original Owners Manual, Bag and Warranty Book  
   1963 When it was New * 1963 When I bought it * 1963 and the old Fleet
   Original Corvette News Issues from 1963 up  
   Celebrity History: J.A.Perrino; Sylvia Maria, Denise Maria
   This is the very first Vet I drove. I drove this exact VIN when it was brand new and owned by my dear Aunt Sil and later bought it from her in 1970.

Retirement Motor Pool

  My experiences with Rons Auto Restoration

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