NCRS 63 Looses Old Paint - Jan 29, 2010

   NCRS = No Corvette Restamped Stingrays here

My old 1963 coupe is off the frame for the second time in 30 or so year. The chassis and drivetrain will all be disassembled (again), then re-painted and or re-plated.

All of these front end fiberglass panels were available from GM 35 years ago. None of these are reproduction. Once painted, darker shade of fiberglass will disappear.

The bonding strips for the rear most hood wedges are in the plastic bag on the fender. Next week they will be bonded on. Then all the seams and panels will be finessed.

I've got to remount the rubber covered U shaped clips across the firewall. I can't wait to drive this old girl again!

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