Owls Head Maine Museum Aeroplanes

These are all beauties. Some original, some replica; but the main emphasis is that they are still air worthy.
Left: The circa 1900 Clark feather covered Biwing Ornithopter was intended to fly by flapping it's wings. It failed to fly, crashed and was refitted with a 5 HP engine.
Right: A full size replica of the 1903 Wright Brothers Flyer which in Kitty Hawk, NC on Dec 17, 1903 flew 120 feet in with a 12 HP engine.
Left: This replica of the 1909 Louis Bleriot's Type XI was the first to fly the English channel from France to England. It's many innovations included the monoplane wing, tractor engine, rear rudder, enclosed cockpit, horizontal stabilizer and swiveling landing gear to permit crosswind takeoffs.
Right: A replica of the 1913 Deperdussin Gordon Bennett Racer revolutionary for it's silk, plywood, and glue monocoque fuselage. It set a record of 126 MPH in 1913.
Left: This 1916 RAF FE8 had a Lewis 30 cal. machine gun and pusher prop because the 100 HP engine was not yet synchtonized to prevent shooting off the propellor. This replica built in California, flew to the museum over 32 days and was then donated.
Right: This beauty was flying on Sunday.
Left: Check out the monacle type windshield on the machine gun. Also the 2 extra round hockey puck type cartride magazines with leather straps on the right side of the cockpit.
Left: A replica 1916 Sopwith Pup with an 80 HP 9 cylinder engine. It flew at 111 MPH and carried a Lewis 30 cal machine gun.
Right: An original 1917 Curtiss JN-4D aka the “Jenny”. After WWI they were numerous and sold for $50.
Left: A replic of the 1917 Fokker DR1 triplane flown my the Red Baron: Manfred Von Richthofen and the infamous Hermann Goering.
Right: A replica 1917 Nieuport 28C.1 WWI fighter flown by the likes of US ace Eddie Rickenbacker. It's 60 HP 4 cylinder Lycoming was good for 128 MPH with one Vickers .303 cal. machine gun.

Left: This original 1923 Fokker C.IV was restored and flew again in 1999. Although logoed with a Tacoma to Tokyo label, it did not make this journey.

Left: A 1931 Waco UBF-2 biplane with a 210 HP 7 cylinder engine would cruise at 90 MPH. This one originally had floats, and was used for spotting swordfish off Martha’s Vineyard.
Right: The one and only 1933 Milliken M-1 Special home built. Begun by 16 yeal old Bill Milliken in 1927, it used a 4 cylinder Henderson motorcycle engine.
Bill Milliken.
Right: An experimental 1945 Ganda Helicospeeder.

Left: This 1940's era RCAF Trainer was flying at the air show on Sunday. Cool.
Left: part of the air show.
Right: This 1940's era Navy Corsair also flew on Sunday.


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