Mid July Corvette Events Maine & Mass
Annually, every 12 months or once a year (which ever occurs first) the National Camel Rider Society, in association with the National Cooking Recipe Society and the Not Correctly Restored Stingrays gather for their National Conventions under the aegis of the NCRS, for the National Corvette Restorer Society JD&ETE (Judgement Day and Ethanol Testing Exercises). Everyone appreciates a clean shiny Corvette, all dressed up and there was no shortage of beautiful old girls and rhinestone cowboys.

NCRS Bahstun over 250 fabulous Corvettes
the Race Cars lots of fuelies and big blocks
my Favorites "when you wish upon a star...
Owls Head, Me the Owls Head Museum of Transportation
Owl Vettes 1st Annual Corvette & Aeroplane Show
Owl Aeroplanes an ecclectic collection that FLY !
other Owl Cars an ecclectic collection of wheels
the Ferret Gawd I'd love to own this cruiser
other Owl stuff carriages, bikes, engines
Maine "You can't get there from here"

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