September 23-25 2005 Corvettes in Vermont
  I am a New Englander. I love the seasons, the colonial heritage and the countryside of the inland. The coastline is just too crowded and congested. The grass is always greener elsewhere, and there is even a small Corvette Museum in Springfield, Vermont.  
  Baaaaaaaa lives at a restored small working farm village formerly run by the Shakers. It's the third Shaker village I've visited. Their blend of commerce and religion is an interesting mix. Hancock Shaker Village  
  Robert Frost lived in several New Hampshire and Vermont locations. This is his house North of Bennington, Vt called the Robert Frost Stone House
  Another old railroad car style diner. This one has been at this spot since 1941 in North Cannan, CT way up in the Northwest corner of the state on Rt 7. Six or so booths and a small counter. Doc's Favorite Diners more fine New England Dining  
  The Security Staff was on duty at every stop. Captain P. Bear on the left, and Special Agent B. Brown on the right kept vigil. They loved these Vermont Scenic Vistas  
  Art is in the eyes of the beholder. And I again purchased Annelein Beukenkamps water colors. I like her flowers and more.  

If you didn't like the Corvettes and more in Vermont, get a refund on the tour.

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