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On the NCRS web site, a member named Myron asked me if I felt guilty of supplying Zip with faulty vacuum hose illustrations, which David Walker then photocopied. I answered, but the NCRS deleted my response. I'm not alone there however. I asked John Waggoner why he deleted it and he said it wasn't him.


Since, you asked: I had to check the deposition made by David Walker, principal of Zip as its been 10 years and I do not want to err.

Before Zip copied Dr Rebuilds actual C3 Headlamp Vacuum Hose Kits, they began by literally photocopying our illustrations, instructions. Then they deleted our copyright notice, the year and our trade name Dr. Rebuild. This was acknowledged by David Walkers own sworn deposition under oath in a US Federal civil suit.

Zips duplication was widespread and was even photographed in the glossy monthly Corvette publications, inside a "How To" article. Therefore the feat of proving they did it was neither rare, nor even difficult to demonstrate and there was no way Zip could lie their way out of doing it. After all, it was identical and published in 30-50,000 magazines and it also had all of those errors.

Around 1989 there were errors initially in the drawings I produced. They were corrected and around five years elapsed by the time a civil suit was filed against Zip in US Federal Court. Thereupon in deposition David Walker admitted that he had file folders filled with various adulterated Dr Rebuild illustrations, instructions and labels. These were ones missing the copyright notice, the year and our trade name Dr. Rebuild. So whenever they needed some, they would print some. Although we had corrected the errors, Zip never realized anything had changed, because they already had their made their own master of each our product illustrations and instructions and simply printed from them.

Zip took it upon themselves to further distribute these faulty illustrations and even gave written permission to others to reproduce them. When I asked CC where they got permission to recreate these illustrations, CC sent my counsel a letter. Their authority was granted in a letter from David Walker. The result was that CC, MAD, CVS, Ecklers, AAA and many others in turn reproduced these same fatal Zip illustrations. For several years they all repeated the faulty illustrations in their catalogs, on the internet and with products. Some were never corrected. It is now so widespread that even hobbyists were uploading them to their own web sites and many still exist.

Around 1998 while Zip was a defendant in US Federal court we explained the errors and it further demonstrated their actions. And then finally they became aware that all were faulty. Oooooooooops. They would never admit they copied it, especially after they made another second set of their "own new updated" versions and even got US copyrights for them and Oooooooooops again - they all included all these same fatal connections as the first ones.

Under oath, David Walker concocted an absurd story about how he stood on a step ladder, over the open hood of a Corvette and took a photograph and that's how Zips illustrations were created. Not surprisingly, he also testified that Zip could not produce that photograph for evidence at the trial. It was missing. Poooof. I have always stated that if he did find it, "It would have shown my Dr Rebuild catalog on top of that air cleaner".

Did you really think I was going to tell them those were wrong? They have been ripping me off for years.

Geoffrey Coenen

PS Identification marks such as these are typically referred to as printer's errors. Throughout US jurisprudence they have been used to establish evidence of this type of activity. Now if you really want to see further examples, stop by and ask at Carlisle. I bring some of the really tainted items there and can give you a Ron Popeil sorta demonstration. But, don't get too close to the Security staff, they eat cyber hecklers.

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