Doc's Corvette Security Staff

Often phone callers hear the distinctive voices of our Security Detail: BROWNIE, PUPPA and PEE DEE or SAMMY. Allow me to introduce these staff members. They were all recruited as orphans directly off the mean streets of Bridgeport, Connecticut on the same or adjacent block as the warehouse. Although they had no home, they are now quite territorial when our customers pick up parts at the warehouse. So if you hear them barking in the backround, you’ll know that the security staff is on duty. Adopt a stray, they make the best pals. They are ever so grateful, loyal and affectionate.

PUPPA is the loud mouth - some say he takes after his adopted father - me. He’s the most vocal and very protective - but he does not like to ride in my new C5 Corvette. However, he is a prolific fan of Animal Planet. A real couch potatoe, he loves to watch animals on TV and not only talks to them, but also looks for them behind the TV or outside any window adjacent to a TV. Extremely intelligent, like his adopted father.

BROWNIE another “hire” was found about 1996. For 2 days he shivered in a sleet storm, before we could entice him to join the staff. When we found him, he literally has clumps of ice in his fur after 2 days of outdoors in a sleet storm. He is still quite shy, as you can see from this photo - but he will lick you like mad if you are a friend or show him any attention. If you bend over, be prepared for a juicy french kiss. He loves kids. Uses his tongue so much, I am sure he will be working in a car wash some day. Extremely loyal and protective. He doen’t dress up yet.

This fellow has been promoted to the Lunch Room Mechanical Staff Supervisor.

SPECIAL NOTICE: We have a new member of the security staff. I had computer problems and worked very late on Thursday April 19, 2001 and upon leaving - as I was closing the door on my C5 - a LARGE dog jumped over my lap and laid down in the back under the hatch. I was completely startled and then disarmed as she began licking my ear. SAMANTHA is this new very friendly girl, 56 pounds and still a clumsy puppy. However, she is already house broken, shakes hands and responds to sit and lie down. No collar, and no calls from the ad we placed in the newspaper - so I guess she gets "hired" too.

PEE DEE on the right is our old girl. For 11 years she came to work and liked everybody. We miss her. She is survived by her young husband on the left Puppa. They were attired in some NCRS NorthEast Chapter sweatshirts that were given to me for donations I gave to the local chapter for various events. They always gave me 4 to 6 T-shirts and or 4-6 sweatshirts. And I have quite a few of them for assisting with local chapter event expenses. And to be honest my wife has be doing this to dogs all her life.

Security Staff in Disguise