Jan 2006 NOS & Security Staff Update

We have a load of NOS stuff, but I couldn't bring it all to any event. I'd need a semi to bring it all. However, if you see something you would like to examine, please send an email and we will do our best to accommodate.

We are getting ready for the trip to the NCRS regional in Floriduh. (Brrrrrrrrrr. It was 11 degrees in my back yard last night. I hope it is warmer at Old Town. One year at Cypress, I got an earache it was so cold.) Now I'll have everything from t-shirts to my down jacket to be prepared.

I've also got my Ralph Kramden cap (Christmas present from my SIL.) It is rather smart looking, now I just need the jacket. All of the Security Staff has new outfits also, however they do not match. Alice (my wife) thought that it would be better that they not look like they are working in uniforms. Better that they are undercover; look just like the normal Disney tourists.

R. Kramden


Senior Security Staff Special Agent "Poppa Bear" looks smart in his Hounds Tooth Check Chapeau and turtle neck sweater.


Special Agent "Samatha Louisa" modeling bright rain wear. Who would suspect a pretty girl?


My personal body guard Special Agent "Brownie Brownsweigher" Don't lets those looks deceive you. He is a Kung Fu Master of Disguises.


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