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November 2001. After 3 decades of involvement with other peoples Corvettes wants, needs and desires, I have hung up my spurs and now enjoy my Vettes every day. Three months ago I decided there was more fun in owning Corvettes than running a Corvette business.

I have basically retired. Debbie is now in charge. Brenda moves into Debbies old job and Louise replaces Brenda. I will continue to mentor her as I have lost the commitment associated with full time business. Someone has to take care of the stable and exercise the thoroughbreds, and honestly it's a dirty job - but somebody has got to do it.

I have spent the past 3 months basically doing whatever I want to do. In no particular order I have been....
Insulating, sheet rocking, heating, improving my detached garage. Four 4 post Autolifter lifts are about to arrive. New compressor is in. New craftsman tool box, workbench and I have replaced all the missing sockets, box, open wrenches, deep wells, etc that somehow got legs over the years. Gathered all my special Corvette tools and memrobilia and brought it home.

Fixed gutters. Also cleaned out the garages under house. I do all the food shopping and now get all those treats I had forgotten about. From chives and rasberries to special mushrooms and other exotic edibles. Early on I was spoiled by a gourmet cook, or rather chef . I am getting a new gas stove to get back into cooking. Screw electric stoves.

Put up several more bird houses. Even bought a scented candle. Actually bought my own clothes for the first time in more than twenty years. I know Home Depots floor plan like my own warehouse.

So now I work on my house, garage and cars. Deb takes our female dog to work and I keep the 2 males with me. I tell her we are male bonding, doing guy things. Carpentry, Corvettes, peeing in the yard and checking out the bitches at Stop & Shop. My house is the very last on a dead end street that terminates at the entrance to a 300 acre forest. It literally surrounds me. It is peaceful, quiet with lots of natures best every day. Deer, turkey, birds, squirrels, skunks, rabbits, racoons, etc. I love it. Always was a country boy at heart, even though my rutts are the south Bronx, NY. If I start up my big block with side pipes, my neighbors can hardly hear it.

I drive 1 to 5 different Corvettes each day if the roads are dry. The Black beauty is still my favorite. I will finally get a chance to finish my 63 and it will be the nicest of the lot. Because I have owned it so long and have literally collected spare parts for 3 decades. I am still interested in a few more cars. A nice 56 or 57 1x or 2x. I must have 25 almost complete power top mechanisms, although I never ever saw one in operation. They have got to be an oddity. And a nice woodie wagon or a nice old pick up. Already restored of course. And more of those nice 427 convertibles with factory side pipes and tripower.

I am still looking at an original clean basically unrestored 50,000 mile 68 400 convertible with AC, PS, PB, PW and Turbo 400. I have been dickering with the guy since June. He describes the car as mint condition, but it is not. It's Safari Yellow and would look nice with my 68 Yellow coupe.

Also saw an ad for a 69 400 Red/Red convertible with AC and more for 20 something. Too far away though. I will not be flying for an inspection. Another almost exactly the same in Texas too.

Also would like to look at this 69 Blue/Blue L89 convertible with factory side pipes. This fellow does not have convincing paperwork for the dollars he is asking.

Also would like to get together with this fellow who is selling a 69 triple Black convertible with 435 and Turbo 400 and factory hardtop only. Saw the tank sticker. We came close to a deal. After all what else is money for?

I will list my cars specs here with some pictures and video. Plus my dogs and other critters.

Retirement Motor Pool

1956 Convertible

1963 Coupe

1967 Coupe

1968 Convertible

1968 Coupe

1969 Convertible

1975 Coupe

1999 Coupe

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