Feb 2003 Two cyber lounge lizards 2 lizards

I emailed a policeman 3000 miles away in a foreign country, a one sentence email containing only 10 words. That email stated:

"Would Officer Wm. Stemwacher receive an email at this address." (* see note below)

And that was the entire extent and content of that email sent to that policeman. It was that brief, but who could predict that thereafter two fellows would shoot themselves in the foot tripping over what did not happen.

As a consequence of that email, two Corvette Forum cyber lounge lizards, breast fed and intoxicated on cyber poop, got drunk and then tried to develop that email into a script. Their novel of what did not happen was empty and went no where's. That web site owner did not purchase their phony story. No matter how much they protested, they simply could not turn that nothing into something. When the web site owner would not allow them to claim that one sentence private email was anything other than one sentence, they authored plaintive poignant farewells. Sob, sob, sniffle, sniffle.

I still cannot figure out what a policeman 3000 miles away in a foreign country has to fear from that email. Pretty potent eh?

Warning: Cabin fever and cyber poop are very intoxicating. Don't eat too much, it causes a mental illness called DCPSS (Delayed Cyber Poop Stress Syndrome). You really cannot say it happened, if it really did not happen. Holy crap: that is called reality.

Geoffrey Coenen

PS March Windbags Special "Buddy" Sale: Buy one, Get one free. No money down until 2004, Bad Credit, No problem. Get ready for Spring now. Warning: Hyperventilating may lead to a Blowout which voids the internet warranty.

* NOTE: Wm. Stemwacker is a pseudonym.

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