Dec 2002 T Cyber Hecklers work

Late in December, a cyber heckler who uses the anonymous title of JTKillain once again enlisted a chat room surrogate to undertake his continued action of spreading dissent. But he did not realize that his own true identity was finally unmasked and worst yet, Mr. Troy Roberts of the CF and I had a cordial exchange.

Yes, I know it will come as a shock to some, but it did happen and there was not a threat or missive involved on either part. I was encouraged by his action of warning a female member to stop her personal attacks and especially in doing so without my request. I will go out on a limb and guess he was referring to Juliet Page.

I was further encouraged by his removing a particular moderator from his position of authority. This fellow had clearly abused his position and even resorted to vile profanity and challanges to fist fights. I will assume that Mr. Roberts did not wish to have his organization represented by this fellow now identified as Anthony Eimen. This fellow has reappeared as Bearcat on the other CF chat room.

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