March 2006 Sebring, FL 12 Hour Race
  The C6R race Corvette ran well in the 12 hour 54th Annual Sebring race. The #4 Corvette of Gavin/Beretta/Magnussen was 3rd overall, first in class. The #3 Corvette of Fellows/O’Connell/Papis was 7th overall, fourth in class. I counted nineteen Corvettes racing and one was the lost Motorama model EX-999.  
  We attended the entire Sebring race week events from Wednesday March 15 through Sunday March 19 and it was a full week of work. Up no later than 8 AM every morning to the sounds of un-muffled racers in the warm 85-ish degree sunny weather. On the go all day meeting, greeting and photographing Corvette race cars. After sundown, the camaraderie of up to 150,000 other race fans and others. Afterwards, I was so pooped from the 16 hour workdays, I needed a week off to rest and recuperate.  

The 3.7 mile race course is totally flat with no hills or banking, however many veteran racers report the asphalt and concrete surface is not really smooth, but punishing to both men, (a few good women) and their machines.

There were close to 200 race cars at the race week leading up to the main event 12 hour endurance race that begins at 10:42 AM Saturday and ends at night at 10:42 PM.

  I could not cover every entrant, but did manage to snap a few shots for my report. If you wanted to see Corvette race cars from C1 to C6, this was undoubtedly one place to see them race in 2006.  



C6 Pace Car

C6 Race #3

C6 Race #4

C6 Cutaway

Corral & Midway

SCCA Pro C5 & C6 Racers

Vintage C1, C2, C3, C4 Race Cars

Penske Racing

La Bomba Racing

 La Rebuild Racing

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