29th Corvettes at Carlisle August 2009
Carlisle: currently the largest US Corvette show & swap meets is now 29 years old. I've been to every one and have many fond memories. I still remember when Chip Miller (RIP) and his partners added this specialized Corvette only event to their other annual auto events. At that time Bloomington was the main Corvette event of the calander year. Today Carlisle is the largest.

 Carlisle the third Cinquennial Corvette Race Car Reunion

Carlisle a 1954 Motorama Nomad Replica

 Carlisle Wednesday - before the crowds 
This meet has evolved into a great social event as the Corvette and the owners have matured and Corvettes multiplied and morphed into C4, C5, C6, etc. Some with a long history attending this event will look back and regret some of the changes, however there is still plenty to see if you are a plastic fantastic admirer. I never fail to see something new and never fail to meet new and old friends.


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