Wood is Good
I love the look of different wood grains. When I was a kid, I received a sampler kit of exotic woods sold by Constantine's in the Bronx. Each sample was only a veneer thickness, about an inch and half by three inches. They included Teak, Zebrawood, Ebony, CocoBolo, Rosewood, Mahogany; many types of the latter. I always loved looking at them, and still have them. I just can't afford to use them so I've had to use others like Oak.
But I still love Oak. It has a strong grain and outlasts anything, even the owner. I have a new recipe for you Oak Cooks out there too.

Take 1 Oak Volute, 1 Oak Banister, 1 Oak Medallion, 20 White Balusters and 1 Oak Shoe.

Lots of measuring, cutting, drilling, screwing and a lots of checking with the level and bingo you get this beauty.

Next a new Oak floor with a Butternut finish.

The Oak floor is nearing completion and my wife wanted to see what it looks like with some of the furniture in place.


and now a word from our sponsor it's oOSOEZ

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