Welcome to My Place

Some folk need to know why I'm a muckracker. If any of you need a moral lesson, I may be able to assist with the shift in the integrity of some American businesses, but more specifically, the Corvette industry. There is no reason to fabricate lies as I would not provide any basis for a civil financial judgement. Beyond the wild cybernaut rumors, I've only been a plaintiff once, and I have never been a defendant.

It never surprises me when I read of all your complaints about crappy Corvette reproductions. Makes many wonder why all those items were made so poorly. The answer is really quite simple. Many were not made from original part, blueprints or even beat up original parts. Jack Podell personally related to me how he saw this same fellow at Carlisle, bending fuel lines around the ball of his trailer hitch. Now our experiences pre-date Al Gore's internet, and some of us even had Corvettes prior to computers. That is the value of an indepth long term Corvette relationship.

So if you like quality Corvette parts, we may have a mutual interest. If you need a copy of our paper book you can email for a free one. Please don't include attachments, like letter heads as we practice safe computing and delete any email, with any attachments. Please put in the header you are a forum participant needing quality part information.