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63-67 Power Brake Pedal Stoplamp Switch Striker

This unique factory add on parts was installed on all 63-67 Corvettes when equipped with Power Brakes. It must function to insure contact with the push button plunger on the stoplamp switch. When PB is installed the brake pedal push rod hole is switched and this is mounted in that former hole. This part was stripped and plated over 30 years ago. It should probably be Black. Typical shelf wear on a very good original part.

Note: original parts bear the RVS logo, the aftermarkets reproductions do not.

(Mounts with a 1/4-20 hex head bolt, using a separate split lock washer and hex nut. The bolt, washer and nut are not included.)

See section J50 in any 63-67 Corvette Assembly Instruction Manual.