DocRebuild to be auctioned on EBA
64-67 NOS Left & Right Headlamp Bezels 3848501 + 502

New genuine GM manufacture parts 3848501 and 3848502 with GM part tags intact. The right bezel has the GM part tag on the inner surface where it could be left for posterity. The left bezel has the part tabs on the exposed front lower surface where it would need to be removed. These will only 64-67 Corvettes with die cast Zinc headlamp housings and will not fit 63 Corvette with fiberglass headlamp housings although some ace mechanics can retrofit a skidsteer to a diesel C3.

Condition: brand spankin new in Black GM applied paint. No dings, dents or other surface imperfections. Needs scuff, prime and paint for final use.