DocRebuild to be auctioned on EBA
63 only Left Headlamp Bezel

Early style mounts with 2 mounting slots for the metal tab only found on 1963 Corvette fiberglass headlamp housings. Plus 4 screw holes (all come in from the front). Shelf wear, with minor surface scale only as there is no protective paint covering to hide the metal surface. No severe or even moderate pits or any damage. Prime, feather fill, sand and paint for a new piece. Will not fit 64-67 Corvettes with die cast Zinc headlamp housings, as the upper mounting screw holes are on the front in this 63 and on the sides in 64-67.

Note: Although I had once marked this piece as NOS, my memory of the source is long gone and it may not be NOS. I never offered it for sale previously and had saved it as a spare for my 63, in the event of a need from an accident. (Paranoia about not having extra unique 63 parts, et al.) Now it's been at leat 30 years since I saved it, and I realize that I cannot save every extra part for every Corvette I own and still keep track of all this stuff.