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Am I damaging anything by driving around without any power steering?

On a 1963-1982 Corvette this can break parts and even cause an accident. You should never drive around with a damaged or disconnected PS component. The increased effort required to steer puts an undue strain of the steering column coupler flex joint (i.e. rag joint), the collapsible column and the break away mounting nuts. The more modern C3's (i.e. 1977-1982) have two large break away mounting nut that are engineered to break free in a collision. The particular force or torque required to break them free is such that I had a customer who broke them by driving his Corvette while the PS was broken. Although those break away nuts are "glued" on, I have never heard of them being re-glued as a matter of recommended factory service. Therefore the mast jacket from a donor must be obtained for repairs as this part has not been serviced by GM parts for many years. And to be honest, any used Corvette steering column part may already have hidden damage that you could exacerbate.