in response to an often asked question
How do I install new plastic rollers for the window regulators?

Regulator Roller Installation

A special tool for setting semi-tubular rivets is preferred, however the following procedure will also work if one is not available. Always wear eye and hand protection to prevent personal injury.

Support the roller, preferably on an arbor press, with the semi-tubular shaft pointing upwards. Have an assistant place the hole in the regulator arm over the shaft. Select a ball bearing slightly LARGER than the hole in the semi-tubular shaft and apply force with the press. (Do not select a ball bearing too small, or you will force it into the semi-tubular hole, instead of spreading it apart.) Once the semi-tubular portion begins to spread and roll over, switch to a larger ball bearing to roll the metal out flatter.

If an arbor is not available, place the roller, regulator and ball bearing in a large well anchored vice. Tighten the vice to squash the ball bearing towards the semi-tubular shaft. It will require hammering on the vices arm with a small sledge hammer to provide sufficient force. Remember, always wear eye and hand protection to prevent personal injury.

Ball bearings can be found at businesses that sell and service bearings, oil seal, o-rings and hydraulic equipment.