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Tips- How to Install P.S.A.

P.S.A. = Pressure Sensative Adhesive

Note the position of your original seals prior to removing them from the radiator support or fan shroud. If they are missing consult an Assembly Instruction Manual.

Thoroughly clean the radiator support surfaces to remove your old seals, dirt and grease. Remove any loose paint, then prime & repaint as needed.

Determine the location of all parts i.e. Upper, Lower, Left Side and Right Side. To aid positioning, line up parts with holes by pushing pencils into the holes.

Remove the protective paper covering the adhesive. Do not permit the adhesive to contact grease, dirt, "finger fat" or other contaminants.

Line up parts and apply firm even pressure over the entire surface of the seal. WARNING: once in place, these seals can not be moved without tearing the rubber.