If you bought elsewhere - seek them for help.

The Emission hose kit DocRebuild introduced over a decade ago has always been marketed with a complete full color schematic with instructions. If all you have is non descript bag of colored hose, with a label that's just like that on a junk mail envelope - you have something else. If it has any of these part numbers it's that dung supplied by Zip.

ZEH-300 - ZEH-301 - ZEH-302 - ZEH-303 - ZEH-304 - ZEH-305 - ZEH-306 ZEH-307 - ZEH-308 - ZEH-309 - ZEH-310

The easiest way to determine the Zip "manufactured" parts is to look for the Z in the part number. Then you know you got Zip.