People just love our catalogs. The illustrations, the tips, the instructions and much more.

The following were unsolicited.

Joe CA March 1999
Dr. Rebuild I would have to say that their products are good, their catalog very descriptive, they carry many NOS parts at fair prices if you scrounge through their catalog and they have a very good selection of hard-to-find small parts. Many of these small parts the other vendors don't want to bother with. Their catalog is worth three times the $4 they charge. Not just because it's a great catalog, but because of the humor and hilarious diatribe found within its covers.

Jim OH March 1999
I love his catalog, the best of all of them.

Jeff- MA August 1999
To add my two cents worth, I have found that Dr. Rebuild is about the best for everything that is not "aftermarket", i.e. clothes,books,etc.....Their prices are pretty good and their catalog, albeit cheap, is very informative and clear. Give them a look.

Karl CA August 1999
Hello, I also recommend Dr. Rebuild. They have the BEST catalog. It's worth the $5 bucks.

FB PA August 1999
I agree, Dr Rebuild .. have bought many parts from them and everything has been excellent. I also think that they have the best catalog in the industry, bar none. Just my thoughts

Mack TX October 1999
I picked up my catalog at a car show. I understand that they charge $5.00 for them If they do, I'd recommend that you pay it. It's worth $5.00, even if you don't buy anything from them, just for the diagrams and parts lists.

Jay TX October 1999
I second that. Sometimes there are other places that can beat Dr. Rebuild's prices, but it's the first catalog I look in.

Karl CA October 1999
He is a good business man, that offers a GREAT illustrated catalog. One should definetly have this catalog. From one that has the Illustrated Corvette Parts counter book (for comparison), this is one of the best.

Jeff MA October 1999
Hey, try Dr. Rebuild out of Ct. Great stuff at a really good price and the catalog is neat for bathroom reading!! LOL

Tom PA October 1999
Have to add in my 2 cents. I have seen and have all of the catalogs, and they are all good and informative to an extent. I still feel that Dr. Rebuild's catalog is one of the best I have ever seen. Sometimes you may be confused with others on certains parts, whether big or small. But if you look at Dr. Rebuild's, it is really laid out extremely well. I have ordered from all of them from time to time, and have been lucky.

Karl CA October 1999
Hello, I've dealt with Dr. Rebuild, also. his catalog is SO THROUGH, it's as good as my 1973 printing of the Corvette Parts & Accessory parts counter book. And the facory Helms books, too!

ST FL November 1999
Dr. Rebuild catalog makes good reading and reference material.

Ted FL November 1999
Of notable mention, Dr. Rebuild This is a great catalog for all of those many small parts (and many large ones) that you can't find elsewhere.

John TX December 1999
Dr.Rebuild catalog pays off again while fixing wiper door problem on 68

Tom OH January 2000
John, DR REBUILD!! I also have had good luck with them and no lie the catalog illustrations are better than most manuals.

Tom, OH February 2000
I'm guessing you don't have a Shop Manual. I would suggest if no one can help you to get a DR REBUILD catalog. It's worth the $4 for the diagrams alone let alone the many parts available for SHARKS.

Mack TX February 2000
I've found that it depends on what part you are buying. There were a lot of "rolling changes" made during the production year. A car that may be considered "early" for one part may be "late" for another. The best descriptions of what to look for, when you're buying a particular part, is in the Dr. Rebuild catalog. It'll say something to indicate the best way to tell whether the car would be considered "early" or "late" for a particular part that was changed during production.

Karl CA April 2000
Out of all the catalogs listed, Dr. Rebuilds is the best. Especially for educational purposes.

Larry OK May 2000
The best diagram I've found is in the Dr. Rebuild parts book. The service manuals have a fair diagram

Charles MD August 2000
Dr. Rebuild's catalog has excellent illustrations. I would try to beg, borrow, or steal one.

Ken, MD August 2000
Dr. Rebuild His catalog may not be slick and shiny, and you may not get a new one every 4 to 6 weeks, but it is an excellent source for parts... and you can tell what part you want to order because he has all those good pictures.

ANGIE WA February 2001
Hey. The Dr. Prints one of the best books out there.

Monty IL February 2001
His catalog is the best, and easily the most detailed, most thorough, and most complete in the industry. To top it off, his prices are better in most cases than anyone else's.

Monty IL August 2001
It's ironic that the majority of people compliment Dr. Rebuild on his low prices, yet complain because they can't use his toll-free line to ask questions, or complain that his website isn't full of Flash sequences or the catalog isn't full color. By reducing overhead through his black/white catalog and PDF website, and by trying to keep his phone bill down, that's how he's able to offer the widest selection of parts at the lowest price. Additionally, he carries alot of parts that are discontinued and unavailable through the other catalogs.

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