August 2005 Corvettes at Carlisle
  This annual summer event is the largest gathering of Corvettes. I've been fortunate to attend every one. A ZR-1 door prize.  
  The weather was the coolest I can recall in decades. The theme for this years "Chip's Choice" display was the joy of bonding between a parent and child in this hobby.  
  The 56-57 models are my personal favorite of all the various 53-62 models. Those small graceful bumpers and lack of excessive heavy chrome adornment make me moist.  
  This 1957 model in Inca Silver with a Shoreline Beige interior has a quiet elegance. Too many choices, and I have too little money.  
  This 1960 model was unusual because it was the rarely seen metallic paint called Cascade Green. It is Greener than the 56-57 variety which has a Bluish tint in comparison.  
  This Harvest Gold 1955 is more fun than your usual father and son restoration fame off effort. I would prefer driving this old girl rather than standing around while folk judge your effort at a static display event  
  Note the 4 safety lock pins on the hood and the typical fit at the rearward edge. Are the washer squirters in the cowl vent?  
  The plexi windscreen has unique attachment brackets typical of race cars. I recall those teardrop mirrors from MG Mitten print ads.  
  Note the roll bar and cage inside the empty doors. Modern gauges have been added for vintage racing. What is that long rectangular display above the dash?  
  Note the slight flair added to the wheel lip for the Hoosier mag wheel combination. Also the early style prototype N14 side exhaust dump in front of the rear wheels.  
  You had to arrive early at Corvettes at Carlisle to see this lightweight prototype from the Corvette Skunk Works. Rumored to be a C7, it has a very favorable horsepower to weight ratio. I cannot wait till the 2006 event.  

If you didn't like the Corvettes at Carlisle, you just ain't a Corvette guy.

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