July 22, 2005 Dairy Queen Friday Cruise
  This weekly summer event always has a good turn out of Corvettes.  
  Generally all the Corvettes park together. This Friday my old Corvette buddy Hank brought his 1940 Pontiac Station Wagon, instead of one of his old Corvettes. IWAAAANIT!  
  "Wood is Good" I have always wanted a Woodie. Here is room for 9 real adults, not those miniaturized folk they use in current car commercials. The plate ID has been altered by me. :)  
  A magnificent yet simple dash board. This beauty was loaded with options we take for granted today. A clock, radio, heater. No cup holders.  
  Hank explained how this early AC unit worked. On top a leather plug is removed to add water to the tank. As you drive forward air enters and somehow passes over the water and is ducted into car at the rear.  
  The textured roof on the outside is covering this beautiful headliner. It looks like Oak bows and Oak runners. A work of art.  
  Now if GM wanted to build these as a retro vehicle I would most likely add one to my taxicab fleet. Notice how thin that side mounted spare is, and the external gas tank filler.  
  A Fulton Traffic Light Finder uses a light bending ability of a prism to allow you to see the light change without craning your neck. That's my Red 67 427, dull eh?  
  Yes Virginia this is a Day-Night mirror. Flip up the frosted lens in the day and flip it down at night. I did not check to see if the date code was korrect.  

If you didn't like the Classics at the DQ Cruise, you just ain't a Corvette/Car guy.

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