July 2-4, 2005 Lime Rock Park, CT Races !
  This 1.5 mile race track is nestled in the North Western corner of CT. I had never attended an event here because of a prejudice for bigger tracks like Indy, Bridgehampton and Watkins Glen. However, now I'm a believer that this is a great venue.  
  Looking East down the main straight. The pits are behind the concrete barrier with colorful tents above each team.  
  Pits on the left with the control tower and the paddock filled with race car haulers and all their equipment.  
  Another view of the paddock filled with 30 plus race car trailers. The crowd was beginning to fill the hill opposite the main straight start/finish.  
  Honestly this is the reason we came to Lime Rock: it was simply to see the new C6R factory race teams at work and play.  
  This control tower has a nice warm feel to it. I asked how to get a pass so don't be surprised if I file my future reports from the press box.  
  It has been many years since we camped out at a race track. Our neighbor was a girl who had been attending steady since 1986.  
  There were several different events and I only got to cover some, but here goes my report. Next event we will have motor bikes and other accouterment to cover more territory and stories. And tell more lies.  

C6R Pratt & Miller Race Team

ex-works C5R Menard Race Team

 C6R winning GT1 American Le Mans Series

C6 Pace Car for American Le Mans Series Races

Corvette Car Show on Saturday

Corvette Corral

My C6 Co Driver Extraordinaire

If you didn't like the 4th of July races at LimeRock, you just ain't a Corvette guy.

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