June 24-26, 2005 Bloomington Gold Show
  We arrived in Chicago on Wednesday at the height of evening rush hour traffic. The Sears Tower is off to the right. One hour later it was still visible.  
  I haven't been to this event in 15 years, and this new facility certainly is attractive. But I'm not sure it has the same feel as the old event.  
  The auction is now the most prominent feature of this event. I actually did not get to see any of this action.  
  In this one tent there were several 56-57 models but this Red, White and Blue one was particularly attractive. How about 2,272 miles on the odometer? Can you say: Correct, Original? It was really sweet.  
  An old friend from Stamford, CT "Mike the Mover" bought this 67 L-89 from the original owner. He paid $12K for it in the late 1970's and everyone thought he was nuts. Later he sold if for $18K and now has regrets. It sold for ??$180K.  
  Another one of the 67 L-89's that have now become quite salty. My 68 L-89 is more fun and can be driven. Friday night I got stuck at CompUSA, got a jump and drove home with virtually no lights at speed. Made it 200 feet from my drive way. Bad alternator?  
  This 67 has been for sale for a long time. If I recall, it's a 390HP and I guess it's a little salty also. Dunno if the missing chrome and paint are OEM.  
  I have never been a fan of kit cars, but then again, this one might be the exception to that rule. But keep your umbrella handy.  
  The early birds catches the worms and as Terry once said to me at Bloomington in the 1980's when he was trying to sell me something - "Ya snooze, ya looze."  
  It was hot outside but cool inside the C6. This Panoramic Video was taken from the top of my C6. It shows the fairly large Corvette swap meet area and ends with a hello to my old friend Corvette pal Alex Katona. I can only remember one time ever that it was not hot.  
  There were quite a few new C6 Corvettes present and some were in better shape than others. I'm not sure if this is part of the Rust Cure display in the left upper corner.  
  Looking on the bright side, I'll bet it would be quite easy to service that AC accumulator on the passengers side firewall but those hydro- formed frame rails are plainly de- formed.  
  Dick Gillespie of D&A Corvette had a large selections of turn key rides. They do nice work and have for years selected our parts for some of their projects. Thanks for the support Dick.  
  I'm not sure if this is a ground effects addition or simply a better method of advertising Corvette bling. But it certainly is a nice addition to the otherwise flat bottom edge.  
  The rest of the above rig is also nice and has a nice graphic. Note the usual notice on these private carriers near the head lamps: "Not for Hire".  
  Another of these custom rigs also had the same notice: "Not for Hire".  

If you didn't like the Bloomington/ St Charles Show, you just ain't a Corvette guy.

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