June 12, 2005 Class Glass 31st Summer Show
  The N.J. Class Glass Corvette Association held this events at a nice Paramus facility, Garden State Plaza.  
  On the way we went right past what is/was Malcom Konners Chevrolet; one of the high volume new Corvette stores in the 1970's. I missed a jpeg of their 2nd story showroom which still overlooks Rt 17.  
  Another 1956 cutie. Automatic and probably a dual quad as were most.  
  This 1961 Fuelie caught my eye as it was not a restored show model, but rather a well worn example. Only a few part changes needed.  
  Examine it closely. Just about all the really hard to find parts are still present. No w/washer but look at the solenoid on top of the fuel meter.  
  A blow up of this solenoid. It looks very similar to the solenoid used on 70 and 72-74 models. Looks like a nail plugging the rear port.  
  I have been told that is an electronic version of the often faulty cranking signal valve, (not a siphon breaker as I goofed.) (Again.)  
  This 1961 was also fitted with a set of those 4 inch wide rough canvas style seat belts often seen in old race cars.  
  This same 1961 had this 1961 dated decal from an Indianapolis Drag Strip. Note the cracks in the original windshield weatherstrip.  

If you didn't like the Class Glass Corvette Show, you just ain't a car guy.
  We made it back early enough to attend the Sunday night cruise at the Heav'nly Donuts where I spied this early model with a prototype L-88 chambered hood.  

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