We have attended every single Corvette Carlisle in the very same spaces

F87, F88, G87, G88

This year we will be giving out two pallets full of our catalogs for C1, C2 and C3 parts. That is a pile of catalogs measuring 4 foot wide by 5 foot tall by 8 foot long - alot of catalogs and we always run out. Stop by and get a free copy at the show before they are gone. You will easily see why we have to prevent others from copying the contents.

We are easy to find. Walk up the hill to the grandstand food court and we are on the left side, on a diagonal from our old buddy Jerry and Scott at CC.

We will also have on display a selection of hard to find NOS parts, some samples of the thousands of reproductions we manufacture and Dr Rebuilds latest addition. No it is not another stray dog adopted at the warehouse, but rather a very fine 1968 L89 aluminum head 427 with a pedigree, i.e. papers.

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