Nov 2003 Internet Blackmail

UPS adds a $5.00 charge to the bill whenever a package is delivered to a different address than that on the original UPS manifest. UPS call this an Address Correction Adjustment and this actual charge is shown below on part of a November 15, 2003 UPS bill.

Note that UPS tracking number 1Z0324670343344978 and go to the UPS web site to track it at:

But make sure to Click on the DETAIL link below the Tracking Number. It may take a moment for that DETAIL link to load. Note that UPS says:


Twice in lengthy phone conversations, UPS has reaffiremed their activity statements that this package was delivered to an address other than that on the original UPS manifest.

Geoffrey Coenen

PS Donald Carey has used the internet to falsely accuse us of adding on this additional $5.00 shipping charges for our own revenue enhancement, when in fact it is UPS that adds these charges when he wanted to change the delivery address. You sir are simply a liar and with not a shred of proof for your malicious fabrication.

At one time long ago UPS did not charge. Then their bean counters said "hey we gotta resort it and re deliver it to even send it to the customer service counter" and then even pay some Teamster time and a half because Donald Carey wants to pick up a 7:20 PM at UPS.

Once a package leaves here, its completely beyond our control - period. Don't lie. UPS tracking has not in my experience. When the UPS track site changes their information, please write again.