Doc's History, Facts, Opinions

REAL FACT: This is the 35th Year we have been manufacturing and marketing Corvette Parts. This has been a Brick & Mortar full time Corvette only business since 1979. Earlier in the 1970's it was part time. We have been on the same street for 28 years and printed real catalogs before the internet became popular. We have a small warehouse filled with real Corvette parts. This was long before, "Corvette parts on a Hard Drive" became the popular internet warehouse. There are our Old Catalogs from #1 to #31

REAL FACT: This is the Forty-Fifth Year since I have been a Corvette Enthusiast. I drove my first Corvette in 1963. I did not own it at that time. Today I do own that same exact Corvette - a Split Window Coupe. I purchase it for $ 1,200 around 1970-1971. Although I have lost my enthusiasm for crawling under or working on Corvettes, I am still an enthusiast at heart. I currently own that 63 F.I. coupe, a 56 2x4 auto, a 67 427 AC Automatic, a 68 L-89 coupe, a 68 435 convertible, a 69 400 AC convertible, a 75 L-82 AC Coupe and a 99 Coupe with the nice Gold wheels. My Vettes can be seen at My Old Cars and Woody-Collection.mpg

REAL FACT: We had our first Corvette reproduction part manufactured in 1979. The receipt from Milford Fabricating in framed on my office wall. I refer to this a "Job Number 1". Milford Fabricating produced those parts and also supplied the US space program that went to the moon. We have consistently sought out quality subcontractors to produce parts. We reproduce over 1000 parts today, and they were made from real Corvette parts and genuine Corvette blueprints, not like Zip which merely copied our repros & others. They were so careless they even copied errors. Repeatedly copies errors and parts GM never made.

REAL FACT: We have only been on the Internet since 1999. A mere novice in all that phony Baloney.