Doc's actual Corvette Customers

The Corvette Forum doesn't like it that our little company is recommended so often. They think we should pay them for the unsolicited endorsements they collect for free. We don't pay them any fees. Why should we?

People have strong opinions about us.

The following are satisfied repeat customers of Dr. Rebuild. They formed these unsolicited opinions based upon their actual experiences as paying customers - not based upon the ranting of some cyber puffer fluffing her feathers on the internet trying to stand out in the detritus. If you ain't bought, please vacate the pulpit now & save your fantasy's for your xbox.

Joe CA August 1998
re replacement vacuum kit - if you've bought your vacuum hose kits from someone besides dr rebuild don't even think about calling him and asking for the instruction diagrams alone this is a very sensitive subject with him if you don't have dr rebuild's kits i'd suggest just biting the bullet and call to order his complete kits not only will you get the instruction sheets without offending him but his kits are the best on the market in my opinion

Joe CA March 1999
Dr. Rebuild I would have to say that their products are good, their catalog very descriptive, they carry many NOS parts at fair prices if you scrounge through their catalog and they have a very good selection of hard-to-find small parts. Many of these small parts the other vendors don't want to bother with.
Their catalog is worth three times the $4 they charge. Not just because it's a great catalog, but because of the humor and hilarious diatribe found within its covers. I can honestly say that I've never laughed so hard in years than when I read some of the "doctor's" rhetoric. I got more laughs out of their catalog than I've gotten in two hours of sitting through the funniest movie I've seen in the last 20 years.

Jim OH March 1999
I love his catalog, the best of all of them. From reading the catalog you know he is frugal but doesn't that benefit us. I have ordered many times from them and never a problem. I talked to Jeff, the owner, last Friday … He went into great detail about them and how he was planning to have them made. He was very nice and did not cut me off. We talked for over 5 minutes on his 800 line. In fact I am going to place an order right now.

Tom TX April 1999
Jim, guess that I too am too easy going as I have not had any problems with Dr. Rebuild. Have not had that many dealings but the ones that I have had have been problem free.

Jeff April 1999
Dr. R If he were misrepresenting repro parts as original or taking payment and then failing to ship product, I would think that a "heads-up" on this board would certainly be appropriate but, IMO, several threads whining about the Doc's (lack of) personality isn't.
I'm not a fan of his but don't think this board should be an international forum for libeling him or anyone else who poses no threat to the "Corvette Community" other than the possibility of a mildly unpleasant telephone encounter. We're all big boys, in a relatively high-end hobby, I would hope we could focus on parts and not personalities.

Patrick MI April 1999
In Response To: Headlight Troubleshooting
It is tough to diagnose vacuum systems by using readings, as funny as that may sound. It is much better (easier) to test individual components, and see what is working, and what isn't (or is leaking).
Dr Rebuild is good for his vacuum system troubleshooting manual. I used this book last year and found several leaks in my system that I never knew existed. Now, everything works MUCH better than before.

Bob AR April-1999
I also like Dr. Rebuild for just about any Corvette parts including interiors. Keep in mind that the lowest price ofter isn't the best deal, especially for interior components. I have seen alot of interior parts that were low priced junk having problems with quality, fit and originality.

TNT LA June 1999
I took all the advice that has been posted about heat and took a long hard look at the problem!!My 70 non ac car suffered from heat at the floor---so i put a seal kit from DR Rebuild on the doors at your feet!! Easy to install--rivet the new seals inbetween the old doors--then put them back into place.

Al NJ August-1999
Dr. Rebuild has vacuum line kits including the hoses and t pipes. All the hoses are correctly color coded and have the right number of raised ribs. They run about $65 for 73 through 82 and around $90 for pre 73. Their number is 1-800-866-9362 for credit card orders.

Mack TX August 1999
I've been thinking Dr. Rebuild. I've been happy with everything else I bought from them.

Chuck MD August 1999
Dr. Rebuild's kits, in my opinion, are the best, most accurate, and most complete on the market. I've never replaced the hoses in my 69, but have helped others do this job on their "sharks".

Karl CA August 1999
PS Dr. Rebuild has the best diagrams.

Al NJ August 1999
I'd probably go with Dr. Rebuild. At least then you would have an original correct hose that was designed to do the job. Why take a chance on something else that might not work.

Jeff- MA August 1999
To add my two cents worth, I have found that Dr. Rebuild is about the best for everything that is not "aftermarket", i.e. clothes,books,etc.....Their prices are pretty good and their catalog, albeit cheap, is very informative and clear. Give them a look.

Karl CA August 1999
Hello, I also recommend Dr. Rebuild. They have the BEST catalog. It's worth the $5 bucks.

Greg NC August 1999
I've personally had great success with Dr. Rebuild.. I've never been disappointed.

FB PA August 1999
I agree, Dr Rebuild .. have bought many parts from them and everything has been excellent. I also think that they have the best catalog in the industry, bar none. Just my thoughts

JKW MA October 1999
The best supplier is Dr. Rebuild, IMHO.
Haven't gotten anything bad from them.

Mack TX October 1999
I picked up my catalog at a car show. I understand that they charge $5.00 for them If they do, I'd recommend that you pay it. It's worth $5.00, even if you don't buy anything from them, just for the diagrams and parts lists.

Jay TX October 1999
I second that. Sometimes there are other places that can beat Dr. Rebuild's prices, but it's the first catalog I look in.

Karl CA October 1999
He is a good business man, that offers a GREAT illustrated catalog.
One should definetly have this catalog.
From one that has the Illustrated Corvette Parts counter book (for comparison), this is one of the best.

Karl CA October 1999
Dr. rebuild sells good stuff, You'll be pleased.

Jeff MA October 1999
Hey, try Dr. Rebuild out of Ct. Great stuff at a really good price and the catalog is neat for bathroom reading!! LOL

Tom PA October 1999
Have to add in my 2 cents. I have seen and have all of the catalogs, and they are all good and informative to an extent. I still feel that Dr. Rebuild's catalog is one of the best I have ever seen. Sometimes you may be confused with others on certains parts, whether big or small. But if you look at Dr. Rebuild's, it is really laid out extremely well. I have ordered from all of them from time to time, and have been lucky. Have not had bad service from any of them, although I know some of you have. My last orders have been from Dr. Rebuild's, and I have been very satisfied with their products and service. No, I don't work for them, just stating my opinion.

Tom FL October 1999
Dr. Rebuild to the Rescue!!! Some of you may know that I recently ordered a vacuum canister and PCV/Evap Hose Kit from Dr Rebuild. Well, I finally had a sunny Saturday morning to install it today. It went in like a breeze. The old canister came out with alot of loose activated charcoal and some serious tugging on those rotting hoses. The new parts went in and I must compliment the good doctor on parts quality. All of the parts were there and the hoses had enough surplus to allow for a few mistakes (short cut hoses) on my part. She fired right up and voila, idled smooth! I'd had a wandering idle that I couldn't figure as well as telltale signs of vacuum leaks (hard warmup and near-stalling at lights. No more. Quality parts and workmanship. I can't recommend them enough for your emission/vac/pcv/evap/cruise hose kit needs.

Tony OH October 1999
some people may have had trouble with Dr.Rebuild. I've treated him nice and he's always been decent to me. Parts have always been top quality and they fit/work great.

Ted FL October 1999
I like them since they have a very comprehensive catalog, I know what I need when I call them, the prices are agreeable and I can count on them for quality every time (so far).

John TX October 1999
I have received quality parts from them and recommend them above all the others I've ordered from. They have been courteous to me and I have received the parts within the specified time without fail.The thing about them is they have more parts and list them in their catalog.I mean hard to find small parts.Their dogs are friendly also,at least over the phone.

Karl CA October 1999
Hello, I've dealt with Dr. Rebuild, also. his catalog is SO THROUGH, it's as good as my 1973 printing of the Corvette Parts & Accessory parts counter book. And the facory Helms books, too!
I highly endorse his business practices. We all want something for nothing. Sometimes, when we run up against, one that doesn't give it away for free, we frown on that guy. He is just being a reasonable business man, trying to make a fair & honest buck.

Ted FL October 1999
I use his catalog as a source for ideas and for replacing all of those hard-to-find parts that I can't find anywhere else (or for as little $$$).

Tom TX November 1999
Cannot speak specificly to that part but I have had good luck with Dr Rebuild, they are my choice for any and all rubber parts. Seems to have the best quality of any of the suppliers.

ST FL November 1999
Dr. Rebuild catalog makes good reading and reference material.

Ted November 1999
Of notable mention, Dr. Rebuild This is a great catalog for all of those many small parts (and many large ones) that you can't find elsewhere. Unsurpassed (in my opinion) in vacuum hose kits
This kit has been listed for months in the Dr Rebuild catalog. I would be very suprised if they didn't offer it since they take great pride in both the catalog and quality of info contained in it.
I think 'Ray' installed the kit recently in his 82. You will find his post on the improvement and where he got the kit in the archives.

John TX December 1999
Dr.Rebuild catalog pays off again while fixing wiper door problem on 68

Mark NJ December 1999
My recreational reading now consists of the Dr Rebuild catalog.

Jack VA January 2000
I've had pretty good luck so far with Dr Rebuild - they're not always the cheapest, and they can be a little surly on the phone, but the parts I've gotten from them have been excellent quality and received very quickly

Tom OH January 2000
John, DR REBUILD!! I also have had good luck with them and no lie the catalog illustrations are better than most manuals.

Tom, OH February 2000
I'm guessing you don't have a Shop Manual. I would suggest if no one can help you to get a DR REBUILD catalog. It's worth the $4 for the diagrams alone let alone the many parts available for SHARKS.

Tom TX January 2000
Dr Rebuild can be a bit eccentric at times. But their products are top notch (probably the best rubber products on the market) and prices are good.

Joe CA January 2000
The Good Doctor can be a little cantankerous at times. But, as others have said, his products are top notch, his prices very fair, and his shipping is prompt and accurate. What's more, sprinkled throughout his catalog are a lot of NOS pieces that you can't get anywhere else AND at very fair prices. The Good Doctor also carries a lot of small items that many reproduction houses don't want to bother with. Topping it off, his catalog is the absolute best in the business. It's virtually a reference source, let alone being very complete and with, without question, the best diagrams in the industry. Period.

BLT January 2000
I have liked all I have ordered from The Doc and will order again. NOTE: if customer service is all that matters why do we go back to McDonalds? The product not service. If you want someone to kiss every toe I got some 900 numbers that will help you. I want the parts not a buddy. Sorry about this but I had to vent.

Mack TX February 2000
I've found that it depends on what part you are buying. There were a lot of "rolling changes" made during the production year. A car that may be considered "early" for one part may be "late" for another. The best descriptions of what to look for, when you're buying a particular part, is in the Dr. Rebuild catalog. It'll say something to indicate the best way to tell whether the car would be considered "early" or "late" for a particular part that was changed during production.

Ted FL February 2000
Dr Rebuild's catalog has them clearly diagramed. the good Dr is hard to beat.

George CT March 2000
try this guy: call DR. REBUILD, bridgeport conn. (203) 366-1332 he has all real corvette parts, not just repro's. everything is in stock and will ship. been in business over 20 years. very knowlegable man.

Carl TX March 2000
Although I've only used Dr. Rebuild a few times, I've never had a problem. I suspect that he gets tired of airheads (not anyone on *this* forum...) calling him up and not knowing what they want, which wastes his time.
I've found that if you have the part number, have read the catalog to know the caveats he talks about re: different applications, know the page number, and state your purpose, he's downright polite.
Parts got here when he said they would, at the prices he quoted, and of the quality I expected.
No probs here.

Anthony OH March 2000
I also agree with Carl80. When you order, know what exact parts with part #s you want, have credit card ready and he can be polite. I've even heard him laugh, believe it or not!!! Have ordered many times, always received my parts quickly.

John TX March 2000
I also have ordered from Dr. rebuild several times and got the orders quickly and quality parts.Their catalog is worth the 4 bucks and then some.As the others have said have your part numbers ready before you call their 1-800 number and they are polite enough.The last time I ordered the lady took my order and I could hear the stray dogs they have adopted barking at a walk in customer.They are proud of those dogs and have their pictures in the catalog.They make it clear that the 1-800 number is for placing orders only which seems fair enough to me.

George CT March 2000
dr. rebuild is a goods friend of mine. he isn't really mean, thats just his phone voice. he just sounds like that on the phone. his parts are second to none, and most all his parts are in stock. i have spent many hours is his office while he went out of his way to find a part or find an answer to my questions.

Mark NJ March 2000
I ordered them Monday afternoon. Order process was painless, but I had part numbers written down. Just a couple of hoses, clamp kit. I asked if they had everything in stock. He said yes, it would go out tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest, so I was pleasantly surprised to get the package today.

John TX March 2000
Good service is what counts.I have always gotten my orders from the Dr. with no back orders.I appreciate that.

Jack VA March 2000
Mark - I've now had 3 different orders with the good Dr. All 3 arrived - complete- in 2 or 3 days. His parts are excellent quality and I'm very satisfied with the turn around time. I'll definitely continue to use him.

George CT April 2000
i gave up on the so called corvette suppliers. they have mostly cheaply made parts and they are always on backorder. maybe their parts are all made overseas. i buy real parts from dr. rebuild. he has everything in stock and you will have it in 2-3 days. 203-366-1332. have part numbers ready or he will kick your axx.

Ted FL April 2000
Check out Dr Rebuild. He has a wide selection and even sells diagrams/directions if you are a real do-it-yourselfer. If you don't have his catalog, it will set either your Visa or Mastercard (only cards he accepts) back $4 to get but mine is so worn from my just leafing thru it for the diagrams and instructions (and many orders) that it is worth three times that much.
Your wallet should thank you...

Paul IL April 2000
I just replaced the core in my 71 with A/C and it wasn't that bad. I have replaced many more that were worse. Before taking everything apart check all your vacuum lines and diaphrams to make sure all of them are working properly. If one of them is bad this is the time to replace them, as you don't want to do this job twice. I also recommend a seal kit. I purchased mine from Dr. Rebuild and I was able to seal the heater box and all vents to prevent leaks.

Jim PA April 2000
I paid the local radiator shop (who I trust very highly) to install the core and the Dr. Rebuild kit (highly recommended!!!). He charged me about $150 in labor. Not bad I think considering he also installed the kit and also installed a manual shut off valve in the heater hose (I don't have air cond). I might of done it myself, but I just didn't have the time.
Whether you do it yourself or have someone else do it, the rebuild kit is worth it. And be sure to install the inner-box seals. It might look to be a pain to drill out the little rivets and install the new ones but here again it's worth it.

George CT April 2000
juliet, maybee if you call dr. rebuild he can help. he has excellent tech support. and probably the parts needed to fix it. 203-366-1332

Joe CA April 2000
You only sufferred the fate you did because you didn't follow the procedure I laid out. Following that procedure for years, I've NEVER had a bit of trouble with him and, with one minor exception that was really my own fault, I've always been very satisfied with his parts and his service.
His catalog is the best 4 bucks I ever spent. I wouldn't be without his latest edition.

Jim OH April 2000
I have found that when dealing with Dr. Rebuild, following the rules is important. Send 4-bucks for the catalog, be ready when you call in the order and everything will be fine. It's a great catalog, well illustrated and the pricing is fair. I've had no problems and recommend the "Dr." to friends.

Jeff TX April 2000
I have to agree with Joe and the others that Dr. Rebuild is an excellent source for parts, both in terms of quality and price. You have to follow his instructions exactly, but for an intelligent adult that SHOULDN'T be a problem. If you don't like him, don't buy from him, but I have spent the lion's share of my restoration dollars on parts from his catalog.
The REAL problem is that people these days expect all businesses that they deal with to operate in a manner that suits each and every customer perfectly. When the customer doesn't get his/her way, the customer attempts to tear down the business by badmouthing and whining as loudly as possible. Intelligent adults (there are those words again!) can quickly recognize these habitual whiners, discounting the whiner's overblown claims of foul play by the business in question. Unfortunately, it appears to me that there are a disproportionately high number of whiners participating the Corvette restoration/ownership hobby.
Dr Rebuild runs a tight ship, which is why he is able to offer the many products he has at what are usually the best prices in the business. Isn't it funny that enthusiasts who religiously follow the teachings of the almighty Judging Manual (sorry, Technical Information Manual and Judging Guide) can't handle a guy who asks them to fill out a simple form before calling to order?

Dale TN May 2000
Be careful Jerry, Dr. Rebuild is very sensitive and any statement that might jade his reputation or tend to make him appear any worse than he is might be cause for a broken leg. Actually, I've got it backwards maybe. Crane's reputation should not be questioned in relation to Dr. Rebuild. The both of them are upstanding, reputable, honest and good gentlemen. Trade with confidence, relax, sit back, and enjoy whatever happens.

Dave MA May 2000
I'm not familiar with the 71 big block TCS, but the 70 small block and big block TCS systems are similiar. In 70 the small block used a 432 switch and the big block a 434 switch. The best way to learn the configuration of each is to refer to DR. Rebuilds catalog in the section for TCS vacuum hoses. He has great illustrations of all years showing all vacuum components.

Joe CA June 2000
Now, at the risk of starting a riot, I can tell you this: whenever I've ordered from Dr. Rebuild, I've NEVER had a problem. Quick shipment and any back-ordered item (which has been rare) has been quickly received. Since shipping charges are based upon the dollar value of the original order, there's no additional charge for shipping back-ordered items.

Patrick MI November 2000
Let's see - the Dr. Rebuild catalog, in color, with 400 more pages??? I don't think anyone could find a better source of illustrations in the Corvette world than that.

BL IN April 2000
bob I have had the same experience with "the dr" when I have had to call. His is the first catalogue I look at to find parts and I have ordered many times from him.
I am put off more by those that want that fuzzy feeling than a good product. Call. Order. Hang up. That's all I need.

Karl CA April 2000
Out of all the catalogs listed, Dr. Rebuilds is the best. Especially for educational purposes.

Ted FL April 2000
I've purchased my fifth of the good Dr's vacuum line kits only to find that it is going to be the most challenging. To date, I've replaced the following vacuum line systems:
Evap/PCR (along with the evap tank)
Cruise Control
Headlight Vacuum Lines (no more hose dust!!!)

Larry OK May 2000
The best diagram I've found is in the Dr. Rebuild parts book. The service manuals have a fair diagram

Norman MD May 2000
I recieved my order from DR.Rebuild, 20 items I had no trouble placing the order or getting everything WITH OUT back order. I read his ordering instructions and I did the talking and he wrote the order, I took no exceptions UNTIL I made a mistake and ordered a part for a convertable instead of a "T" top, he said "you don't want that" I said O.K. end of topic. If you have all your order numbers ready, there should be a smooth transaction. By the way, all the parts are top of the line.So far so good.......

Jack VA May 2000
I just finished mine using Dr Rebuild's strips. I thought the pieces were very high quality and the fit was excellent. I know some folks don't like to deal with him, but his materials are really first rate.....

Joe CA May 2000
However, the "Good Doctor" (Dr. Rebuild) has apparently identified the original manufacturer and purchases these rivets directly from them in bulk. Then he packages them in various unit quantities and offers them for sale. His rivets are the CORRECT DEAD SOFT ALUMINUM like the originals. This is VERY IMPORTANT if you are going to be able to SET the rivets using hand tools. Many of the rivets on the market today are some sort of aluminum ALLOY which is harder than the aforementioned variety. You will have a wild time trying to set those. Other vendors may also carry the same rivets as Dr. Rebuild. However, I KNOW that his are of the correct type.

Jack VA May 2000
A lot of folks on this forum don't care for the good Dr. - he can be rather abrupt on the phone and isn't very friendly. He also will NOT answer questions on his order line. My experience has been that his products are really first rate, and his prices are better than average. I think its worth putting up with his personality to get quality parts, but not everyone here would agree. I also think his catalog is well worth the 4 bucks even if you never buy anything from him. It is full of really good illustrations - I've found things in his catalog that were better pictures of things I didn't know how to repair than whats in any of my repair manuals.

Ted FL May 2000
I've gone thru the entire vacuum hoses (thanks to the good Dr Rebuild for his comprehensive kits and diagrams)

Will TX June 2000
I've bought from the Dr several times and never had a problem.....

Karl CA June 2000
Doc Rebuild does not send out many catalogs. But, he does have many litle "goodies" that one does need, that seem to be not atainable from others. I hear the others on "customer service and attitude". I've dealt with him on "good" days and "bad" ones. He is MUCH better with parts then several others I have dealt with.

Jerry ID June 2000
I'm in the process of doing total rebuilds/restorations on a 75 L48 and a 73 BB. I've dealt with Ecklers, Zip, MAD, Corvette(backorder)Central,and Dr Rebuild. My .02- If you know what you want and know what it's worth, Dr rebuild is the best all around source I've found. I'm in the west, and have gotten the parts in as little as 4 days. If you need advice, compassion, etc, this ain't the place. But what you see is what you get, and I've gotten good service on common and rare parts at a fair price, and if nothing , the good Dr is consistent. Others may be nicer, friendlier, lower priced (on somethings)but all others have fallen short on Delivering the goods. If you don't go there, he can't Pi** you off. Don't Whine, Just don't go there.

Greg IL June 2000
Get yourself a Dr. Rebuild catalog. He has many examples of how to tell an early from a late 76. Air cond. compressor, radiator, some interior trim parts, radiator support, shroud, seals and hoses, etc. You get the idea. I don't know when this happened, but if you check a few of your parts against the catalog you can determine early or late 76.

Charles MD July 2000
My Dr. Rebuild seals came with a nice diagram. They do go between the shroud and the support. Both have to be out. I assembled my shroud and support on the floor, with the radiator as the "meat in the sandwich" between the two. Put the assembly back in as a unit. Worked well. Clean the surfaces well. Dr. R recommends using pencils placed through the seal holes, placing the points of the pencils in the appropriate holes and then putting on the seal, not touching the "glue". Worked well.

Charles MD August 2000
Dr. Rebuild's catalog has excellent illustrations. I would try to beg, borrow, or steal one.

BL IN August 2000
I guess I am one of the people that have dealt with Dr. Rebuild for the past 5 years without an incident. I will continue to do so.

Joe CA, August 2000
What a lot of folks don't know is that the absolutely wonderful Dr. Rebuild catalog with the ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL diagrams and parts drawings are actually drawn by the 'Good Doctor', himself. A person with such talent, I could forgive almost anything, but I don't have to. You see, my dealings with them have always been great. Sure, the 'Good Doctor'can be a little cantankerous from time-to-time (most geniuses are), but his catalog is the absolute best in the business, his prices VERY FAIR, his in-stock inventory phenominal, his shipping quick and accurate, he has many NOS parts which he offers at reasonable prices (unlike most of those found on eBay), and he specializes in a lot of the little things that many other suppliers don't want to bother with (too much work for too little profit). I really believe that without him, a lot of these little items that are so critical for a nice, clean restoration would not be available in the Corvette marketplace. Thanks to him, they are.

The 'Good Doctor' is also a "no-frills" kind of guy. He doesn't strut around in Gucci loafers and sporting gold chains from every appendage. His catalog isn't done in color (but it's still the ABSOLUTE BEST in the business), he doesn't have a fancy showroom, and, best of all, there's not an article of clothing or "fluff" to be found in his catalog. That, alone, makes him unique in all of the "Corvette World".

So, if he wants to be a little cantankerous from time-to-time, he's earned it in my book. Besides, every now-and-then, I'm a little cantankerous myself.

Karl CA August 2000
I've had several business dealing with Dr. Rebuild. The guy was cool. He was a abit gruff once, but, I've chatted with him, too.
He was 100% better than anyone at ….
I agree 100% with Joe that his catalog is a very valuable resource to have on ones shelf.
This guy did all those line art illustrations?
Hope the BS has stopped.
It's really bogus and wasted effort.

Ken, MD August 2000
Dr. Rebuild has almost always come through. Prices are generally pretty good, probably because of the low overhead. His catalog may not be slick and shiny, and you may not get a new one every 4 to 6 weeks, but it is an excellent source for parts... and you can tell what part you want to order because he has all those good pictures.
I'm sorry to hear about problems other people have had when dealing with him. I've never had any problems with him myself.

Robert CA August 2000
As for someone being gruff on the phone, give me a brake. If it bothers you that much, Don't call! When I say bad business practices I mean like delayed shipments, wrong parts or just olane taking money for things you don't recieve. I don't call vendors to make new friends. My .02.

Norman MD August 2000
I wasn't going to say anything, however I'm opening my opinion, I've been dealing with the Doc'. I call, I give info, I get my order, and I might add' in a timely manner.
I haven't been insulted or can I say any "downs" were made to me, this was a buissiness transaction, I supplied information and it was acted upon, If I needed parts info' I would talk on the direct number to him, I do not think this person in question has stiffed me, I got exactly what was ordered, it was a good and firm transaction, I wasn't asking for frills,I just ordered the right parts, and I for one, got exactly that.
Even the nicest dog will bite when provoked....

BL CO August 2000
On a side note, this Dr. Rebuild thing seems strange to me. I have never dealt with the guy, but it seems the only complaint was his gruff attitude in dealing with people. I didn't see any complaints about the quality of his products or timeliness of delivery. So what was the problem, exactly? I must have missed that...

Ken MD August 2000
Another good source for information on old Vettes is the Dr. Rebuild catalog. Great illustrations and decent prices. I know he's been maligned by a few folks on this board, but I've always gotten a fair deal on the parts that I've ordered from him.

Paul OH October 2000
One of the best sources for emission hose kits is Dr. Rebuild. Just did all the vacuum hoses on my '68 and the instructions that come with these kits are super. They tell exactly where every hose goes, color stripe, length etc. These kits make it pretty straight foward.

Jack VA -November 2000
I gotta tell you guys.... I just don't get it. I've ordered from him 3 times - twice the lady answered the phone, the other time it was apparently the Dr. I had ZERO PROBLEMS. The guy was a little curt on the phone, but so what? I got everything I ordered, received it promptly and was satisfied with price and quality.

ST NY November 2000
I like some others have had normal dealings with the doctor, All the products that I have ordered from him in the past, last one just a couple of weeks ago arrived promply, i'm sure we have all had a problem in the past with a vendor, I have, the only time I talk about it is when the items them sell are bad,

Ken CA November 2000
I, too, have dealt with Dr. Rebuild.
All good, several times, and I also had a good laugh with him, too.
His catalog is an artistic work of art.
He is an excellent illustrator I still have an old copy, and I'm sure I could get a current one. But I'm told not much difference.The guy is running a business and trying to keep overhead costs contained. That is good.

Charles TX February 2001
Dr. Rebuild objective is to minimize his overhead and thus the prices he has to charge. I can't say I disagree with that position. Call on your nickel first to get his catalog...(203)366-1332. Expect to pay $4-$5 bucks for the catalog. You will be absolutely amazed at the variety of parts they stock, and you can use the catalog as a reference to see how stuff should look since there are drawings of almost everything. But, you had better keep your transactions short and efficient; i.e. have a list of his part numbers ready, minimal tech questions on the 800 number, and have your credit card ready.

ANGIE WA February 2001
Hey. The Dr. Prints one of the best books out there. When you look in the book and you see what you want you write the number down and you call him. You give him the number. And no problem, he is not there to answer all kinds of questions, he has better things to do, like help other people. Remember he has the best parts book there is, go by the numbers and you wont have any problems.

Monty IL February 2001
I just placed an order with Dr rebuild today, I used a Mastercard and knew the part numbers I wanted. It was a very efficient transaction, and in a couple of instances ,he even told me I did not need to order a certain part, because it was included in another part number I had already ordered. I guarantee that the guy on the other end of the …… phone line doesn't know his parts well enough, or doesn't care, to know that kind of detail.
As long as you use the right kinda credit card and know what you want by part number, there should be no problem. His catalog is the best, and easily the most detailed, most thorough, and most complete in the industry. To top it off, his prices are better in most cases than anyone else's. So what if he doesn't want to have a deep, meaningful conversation with you on the phone.

George OH February 2001
You are right, I'm not on the black balled list, nor do I wish or choose to be. The Dr. has a system for ordering: know your part number, have a credit card handy, call the 800 line for orders only, I did, I got my parts three days later in time to finish and put it in the Autorama.

Norman MD July 2001
I got mine from Dr. Rebuild, when you need REAL parts he's got them.

Dennis NJ July 2001
I find the Dr's products great

ST MN July 2001
Nothing new to add, but will agree that Dr. Rebuild has done well by me as long as I knew exactly what I wanted. He's not much on small talk but doing business with a few other places has really given me an appreciation for his ability to deliver what he advertises.

RD MA July 2001
Great service from Dr.Rebuild

Monty IL July 2001
I recently rebuilt my steering column.. Also, Dr. Rebuild has a good schematic in his catalog and has the pieces you need.

Bill LA. August 2001
Observation on Dr.Rebuild I had heard of him (organization) but hadn't located his website until reading a post tonight.
His website has a terrrific mix of brutal honesty, humor and content. Made for really interesting reading and I found myself going from one page to another to see what they would say next. I found his approach to the business of selling parts really refreshing. I have run into alot of "we don't care if you're happy or not with us" attitudes when dealing with some vendors, which will remain nameless, and found Dr.Rebuild very refreshing. I would rather have their "up front" approach!!
I think I've found someone new to buy from .
I hope I haven't violated any TOS for this site by saying the above.

Tom TX August 2001
A lot of the forum members have a problem with the good doctors policies and procedures. I have never had any problems with him. Always got an excellent product at an excellent price. What more could anyone want? Guess some people feel that because they drive a Vette that the vendors should kiss their feet for buying from them.

Mark NC August 2001
A lot of people don't like the Good Doctor's style, but your original statement is correct. You should know going in what the rules are!
I for one believe that he has; 1) The best catalog in the business, and 2) As good if not a better selection of quality parts.
His rules are simple:
1) Credit card orders only on his 800 line. Do not expect technical discussions on this line!
2) Non-credit card orders and technical questions should be made calling the regular 203 number.
I finally got a copy of his catalog at Carlisle and it is more than a catalog, it now sits next to my AIM and GM Technical manuals. His illustrations are unmatched!!
I see Dr. Rebuild as an incredible resource for our hobby. If you are willing to "play-by-the-rules" he is tough to beat!!

Bob TX August 2001
I have used the good doctor a lot and have never run afoul of him. I had one return to make and when I called talked to his wife who was very helpful and polite. All the other parts I've ordered were spot on and were high quality for the price.

Monty IL August 2001
It's ironic that the majority of people compliment Dr. Rebuild on his low prices, yet complain because they can't use his toll-free line to ask questions, or complain that his website isn't full of Flash sequences or the catalog isn't full color. By reducing overhead through his black/white catalog and PDF website, and by trying to keep his phone bill down, that's how he's able to offer the widest selection of parts at the lowest price. Additionally, he carries alot of parts that are discontinued and unavailable through the other catalogs.

Monty IL August 2001
Personally, I've found Dr. Rebuld to be the most knowledgeable about the parts. On numerous occasions he has told me I don't need to buy a part because it is included with another part im ordering, or in a kit I already ordered, etc. I seriuosly doubt most of the people who take your order at the other places

John KA December 2001
The Dr's prices are good and the quality is 2nd to none. I would like faster shipping but you can't have everything. He does have his own way of doing business but it is his business. I don't know if maybe some of you got in the cross fire or not, but I rember the post about the Dr and if some people got in the tread to sound cool and bad mouth the Dr as it seems, that was wrong. As an owner of my owen business I would have done something about it to. From what I read I would not have ever ordered from the Dr and did not order from until some one gave me his catalog. You people should check out his catalog because his prices are good and he has some things that I cant find anywere else.