Sept 2003 Fairlee Motel & Drive-In Theater

About 60 miles north of Springfield, Vt. on Rt 5 is the town of Fairlee, Vt. home of the Fairlee Motel & Drive-In Theater. This is just one of three Drive-In Theaters still operating in Vermont.

A 20 unit Motel is actually part of the Drive-In. Each room has a picture window facing the screen with a speaker on the wall and a volume switch.

September 12-14 they had a double feature and on the 13th I counted 40 cars leaving after the shows.

To get to the snack bar, we walked by the ticket booth and showed our room key as the movie is included in the price.

The ticket booth during the day. Admission $6/person

Gates open about dusk.

Next year there will be a new sign on Route 5.

If you are really interested in the Fairlee Motel & Drive-In Theater I have this 45 second video clip.