Doc's discovery of DCPSS

DCPSS Delayed Cyber Poop Stress Syndrome

A recently discovered new mental disease.

SYMPTOMS: I read it on the Internet and everything I read is on the Internet. Consequently if I read it there, it must be fact. Therefore I can extrapolate from that which I read and forgot and really know nothing about. And when I later discover that I cannot make up my own stories and fiction about events, I finally realize my mind is really full of cyber poop. Often write a farewell address; a cyber going away letter in which I regret leaving because I have been told I cannot make up my own suppositions of events anymore. I must stick to reality. I cannot say I guess this will happen or I think that will happen - it is not the subject matter. (Go to the Twilight Zone Board for those mind exercises.)

If it didn't really happen, you cannot wish or say that it did happen anymore. (Holy poop: that's Reality.)

Physical Characteristics: Jumping on the bandwagon often they hit their head and develop cysts in cyber poop they have ingested. Causes bloating of cyber poop until they are so full of cyber poop they explode. Generally females reach this critical mass earlier due to smaller cyber mass, however there are exceptions.

Discease Vector: MoMo, JoJo, BoBo or some other named HoHo. Most often another cyber poop fed and breast nursed in a cyber chat room. These individual are so new to the main subject or object of discussion that their main contribution is cyber poop hearsay. What they forgot, someone else "I think said" is their main topic - because they have never been there or done that. When they realize that creating events is not the same as having them actually happed they have a cyber crap in their drawers.

This has been a Public Service announcement of Dr. Rebuild

I really do not care for some of the internet