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The New Presidente takes delivery of an old car. And she likes it. Road Test Videos

The ex president moves his office. Added 8 new bookcases to the 6 I already had from the old office. My head hurts. I can't believe I read all that crap. Where did it get me? I'm still a poor slob scraping in the dirt for a few kernels of corn. The deer, turkeys, squirrels, chipmunks love this cracked corn also and have been devouring it in 50-pound sacks. But getting back to my new office: Nice. Private entrance, Picture window, Fireplace, Plush sofa, Spacious, several computers, printers. Thoroughbreds near by. Film at a later date. It's not finished yet. Need more garage space too.

I caught Zip again stealing my IP. But what else is new about that? I wrote to the legal dept at Yahoo about a month ago and now the stolen material has now been removed from the Zip internet store hosted by Yahoo. (Host, it kind of fits well with the concept of a parasite doesn't it?) I do not know whom had my IP removed. I suspect Zip removed it because they know it was stolen from me and could only rely upon their copier or scanner as evidence of their creativity or authorship.

But not everything has been recovered. Now lets see if they pay for their unauthorized use and their profits. This is the time when Zip has previously claimed all of the following: Their computer records cannot be read due to a change in their computers. There never ever were many sales involved and they didn't do it. But if they did, then it was from a picture (that they later lost), but was taken by David Walker standing on a stepladder hanging over the open hood of Corvette. I have always believed that story that David Walker told under oath at a deposition to be as truthful as one made by Goofy. The only part he left out was there was an open Dr. Rebuild catalog on the air cleaner of that Corvette. These guys are too easy to tell the truth about. I would not dare lie, it could cost money. Honest. That's the kind of answers I got from their lawyers in the past. Makes you wonder, which ones are the thieves and liars doesn't it?

Some have said this is insignificant. And I have to agree with those that have no trade or a trade with tools of no value, perhaps it is insignificant. However, if you have a trade and someone steals the tools of your trade, and they make money from your tools and also cost you money to recover them, then it is significant. And it had happened that way, way too often; eventually it would become more than expensive. There is little doubt that our thousands of unique illustrations and instructions are well-recognized valuable marketing tools with a high consumer regard, value and loyalty. Alternately if your skills are limited to frosting a mirror please go back to your gameboy now and I deeply apologize for interrupting your game.

I have always had confidence in the results of hard work. Except now, I'm retired. My next goal is to get a different big block for every day of the week. I don't want to leave any gas for these younger fokers. They don't deserve it. Let them run hybrids, buses or walk. Hah.

Following is the "letter" someone at Yahoo sent me regarding Zip. The pictures have been removed from the internet - but I look forward to their "new" catalog. It would not surprise me, except now we have more.

Subj: Re: I have caught this thief before (KMM56823770V31854L0KM)
Date: 3/14/2002 1:52:49 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Yahoo! Copyright)
Reply-to: (Yahoo! Copyright)

Dear Mr. Coenen,

Thank you for reporting this incident to Yahoo!.

We recieved your letter. We have reviewed your notice, and it does appear that the Store owner has removed the items in question.

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.


Copyright Agent, Yahoo! Inc.
c/o Yahoo! Inc.
701 First Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Still doubt why Zip removed these illustrations? Please e-mail me when their new catalog comes out. I enjoy Fiction.

 IP is the term applied to certain material regarded as Intellectual Property. If you still do not get it, I again apologize for interrupting your gameboy.

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