May 29, 2005 Merrimack, NH Corvette Event
  The Gate City Corvette Club of Merrimack, NH held their 25th annual Show at the Anheuser Busch Beer factory park like grounds. The Clydesdale horse stables (if you can call them mere horse stable) are in the distance.  
  This events is one of the first New England's show-n-shine's each summer. I met this same fellow at the CT Corvette Wednesday nite cruise. He is actually a Connecticut Yankee entry.  
  This setting with all the entries on the grass with numerous shade trees is peaceful and relaxed. Over 100 Corvettes from C1 to 6's attended.  
  No doubt that Anheuser Busch has a large crew of folk that attends to the grounds, gardens and stables. Plenty of horsepower too.  
  This C5 was dressed up as a Z06. The Red wheels and accents made it a standout among the spectators Corvettes in the parking lot.  
  F*rd's from the Rhode Island Model A Club were spectators also. I like that center pickup.  
  One of the added features of my new C6 is that even on Memorial Day in NH we are still able to enjoy the comforts of home like...  

watching the Indy 500 while at work

(). I was rooting for one of the few Chevy powered entries to win again, but my Bronx home boy Colin Powell was the only bright spot in a Chevy. I like him. He isn't tainted by politics.

  Although there are free tours of this factory showing the beer making process, I was more interested in the Clydesdale Stables that house this corporate symbol of Budweiser. This part of these beautifully trimmed and manicured grounds is also free. The price is right!  
  These are the stables and they are spotless both inside and out. I'm not sure if the stable hands quarters were as nice and rich as these quarters.  
  There were about 20 of the Clydesdales in the stable and corral. I did not want to use a flash and spook these beautiful critters so you'll have to visit the stable yourself.  

Outside I took a video of these Clydesdale's Making Out.
  After the show, we took Rt 101 East to nearby Dublin, NH where we took a break in the parking lot of this New England institution. I am a subscriber to this Yankee propaganda too.  
  Comparing these Yankee publishing offices to the Clydesdales stables show that the Bud ponies live in a fairly upscale facility.  
  There are few roads in NH or VT that don't provide a view of a covered bridge. I stopped counting them.  
  Wilmington, VT on Rt 9 has one of our favorites spots. It's a one horse town, with only one Red light and nothing taller than three stories. It does have the requisite fast rushing stream.  
  We have stopped in Dot's Restaurant in Wilmington, VT many times. If it's ever up for sale, I'll only have to change one letter in the name for personalization.  
  Sorry this pic is fuzzy, but on Rt 8 in VT near the MA border are about a dozen of these wind mills generating electricity.  
  Although the weather was threatening all weekend long, there were actually few rain drops to be found for any extended period. But there was another beautiful rainbow and even two at once, but those jpegs did not come out. I like this kind of work. I may un-retire.  

If you didn't like the Gate City Corvette Show, you just ain't a car guy.

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