2005 Spring Knoxville Expo 27th Edition
  In January, while at the Florida NCRS winter event, we saw Byron and Ronnie Cooper, the Knoxville Expo promoters. I had not seen them in years and inquired if I could park my RV at their event. They said sure, so we decided to attend this April 1-3 event to distribute catalogs and schmooze with the public. It also provides an opportunity to see old friends from years ago. Visiting on the phone or internet has no where near the intimacy. Thursday afternoon we arrived. This video will give you a general idea of the size of the main outdoor area and the layout. Knoxville Expo Panorama Video  
  I haven't been to the Volunteer State and Spring Knoxville Expo since 1988. I'll admit, it's allot easier to attend these events with an RV, than run between the event and motel. And I would not consider making my security staff stay in any flea bag motels.  
  Thursday the weather was great and Friday only had a brief shower, however Saturday was cold and rainy. Sunday the weather was beautiful however it was also NASCAR race day in Bristol and church day every where's else. We had a great trip and managed to see many old friend including Ronnie Raines. We had not seen each other in years, since he sold his company Volunteer Vette. I asked him why he was there and he admitted it was just to see old friends also. Ronnie paid me a really nice compliment, and I know he meant it because he is not in this Corvette repro business any longer.  
  There are always these late model wrecks for the Do-It-Yourselfers. This one was a little crispy on the inside. In the 1970's I would look at the insurance pool for totaled C1-C2-C3 models. When fiberglass burns it expands from a dense 3/16" thick panel into a terrible mass of brittle fibers 1 to 2" thick. What an itchy scratchy nightmare.  

Between the extra crispy one above and this open wheeled C5 you could build a.....

There are about 5-6 separate lots with a variety of Corvettes and other collectible models for sale in all manner of condition.

Inside a large 2 floor building the auction is held Friday and on Saturday and Sunday the car show is held.

  All the following models were in the auction. I did not attend because I can only go hog wild a few times a year and I'm not due for another seizure until Bloomington or Carlisle. This Silver/Black/Black 1970 convertible was sweet.  
  A nice Silver/Black 1964 coupe with frosted caps. I really like Silver/Silver or a nice Silver/Red with a Black ragtop. If I see a pretty 1964 FI, or 1965 396 or 66 425 in that combo with side pipes, I'm buying it for my wife. She'll let me exercise it. Maybe a small boy, if it has AC.  
  It is becoming quite common to see these C1's with tube frames and C4 or C5 running gear. This one did not have the usual TPI motor and was very nicely finished. There are 3 to 5 separate new companies building these tube frames, some with suspension. Many also have all the power and luxo accessories and options.  
  This 1962 tube frame hybrid was not an NCRS candidate, however the interior was fabulous. Plush Saddle leather covered the seats, door panels, dash and kick panels. The carpets were a matching very deep soft cut pile that looked like wool. No doubt a fast reliable retro ride.  
  What is not to like about a 1957 Nomad? I've liked them since the 1954 Motorama Nomad appeared on that 1954 Corvette chassis. Now there would be an exciting retro ride. A replica of that 1954 Corvette based Nomad frequently attends at August Carlisle.  
  The owner of this very nice original 1967 small block bought it for the original BO wheels. He kept them and bought a set of repro BO from me which are on it here prior to the auction. He told me it sold for $59.9K or so, I CRS.  
  The following car did not generate much interest, even though it was presented with a combination of options not often seen together or even separately. The owner said a friend of mine, Drew Papsun had seen the car before it was finished and signed off on it as a real car. I have since spoken with Drew, and he did not see any evidence it was not as stated, but without any paper trail, there will always be doubts. I am no expert. After a long talk with the owner, I'm still wondering about the provenance, as there was only one document to attest to it's heritage. A sophisticated metallurgical laboratory tested the VIN numbers to see if the metal was altered in some manner. I did not read the report, but the owner said the lab attests to this being the original stamped block. Since it's an L88 block, if the VIN matches the body it's a L-88 Red/Black coupe. He told me the motor passed through Lenny Puglio of Tampa (who has purchased from me for 20 years as a wholesale account). He mentioned many names of folk who I knew and claimed that Lenny either owned, sold or had that L88 engine in a cigarette boat. The owner claimed he went to purchase the 36 gallon tank set up and ended up purchasing the wrecked body it was in. Later he found the motor. I asked him about the usual papers: window sticker, tank sticker, protecto plate, invoice order copy - all were missing.  
  The owner also claimed there were 4 1967 Corvettes with NO3, not 2. One on Long Island NY, plus two 435's out West and his L88. Although I among others took several jpegs, I asked him if he would mind if I posted them. He asked me not too, because he did not want the attention which I thought was odd because he also said it was for sale for $1,000,000.  
  Saturday it rained, but it did not dampen my spirits or even my blue jeans - as I was watching TV in the RV and playing cards with the Security Staff. Outside, what can I say, there is a Rainbow in every cloud if you look on the bright side.  
  When playing cards with the Security Staff we make it a low stakes game. We only play for what most folk would call crumbs, or in this case biscuits. Stumpy Fuz Ball sometimes gets carried away when he wins the hand.  
  Sunday the weather was warmer and dry but we had more cases of free Corvette Hymnals than usual to stow before our next Excellent Adventure in Corvetteland USA. Check out these other local attractions close to Knoxville.  
  While in Eastern Tennessee, don't miss Floyd Garrett's Muscle Car Museum and across town from Floyd's at the Sevierville Airport is the WARBIRDS Museum. The Security staff was on duty when we visited.  

If you don't like Knoxville Expo, you just ain't a car guy.

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