Star Spangled Sports Car in Bethel, CT

Last year I had a couple of problems with a couple of old cars. For four years my 68 L89 has been hard to start, would die impromptu and was a general PIA. Bill Ross worked on it late last fall and I put it away when I got it back. Today 6 months later it fired like it was new again. Went to the Friday Dairy Queen cruise at 5 PM and no one was there. Went back home to get my camera and took my 56 back to the Friday Dairy Queen cruise at about 6 and only a Red 66 327 was there. A few minutes later a 33 Ford with a 392 Chrysler arrived. First of this season! Where were you Hank, Bill, Ron, Ralphie, etc?

Bill Ross had also fixed my 56 accel bell crank last fall and today was it's maiden voyage also. It also now runs nicely on warmup without my assistance. Contact Bill at (203) 792-7160 M-F and tell him I sent you. The fellow with the 66 at tonights cruise bought that car on Bill recommendation. Turns out 30 years ago we were all members of the same club, Fairfield County Corvettes. Small world.

PS If anyone wants to purchase 3 row J swap spaces for the Spring Carlisle event. Email me. I'm going in my Bus to get some other stuff, but won't be staying.


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