San Mateo 1980 Northern California NCRS

These older NCRS events were not that big and more intimate. Zora was still active and with their smaller size, he was not relegated to a souvenir signature provider tending to a long line of enthusiasts.

Above Coit Tower and the Oakland Bay bridge and below a row of Corvettes.

1965 - 1966 with Zora & Elfi - 1954 - 1954 - 1953 -1956 - 1958 - 1965 - 1961 - 1962 with Chuck Green - 1959

Zora and Elfi in a 1966 coupe driving down Lombard Street.
  Zora was followed by these: 1954. 1954. 1953, 1956 and more
  Zora lit up like a Christmas Tree when he got in this 1960 Fuelie.
  Chip Miller examines Don Mullenhoff's 1954 Black Beauty.

  Zora in an animated conversation with Wilson Swilley (in the blue hat)

and three members of the Swedish Corvette Club.

  Zora in a 1953 Corvette. What else?

  My buddy Jim Louschin was moving his 1962 340 HP and I let him twist

my arm into driving it from near Sacremento to the San Jose area.

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