Newmar 2004 Kountry Star

Last September we replaced Roadway, cheap/expensive dirty motels and bad road food with a new solution: a diesel powered mobile office. Instead of paying Roadway $700-1000 to deliver 2 pallets of catalogs to Carlisle from Connecticut, we replaced them. I have nothing against teamsters or Jimmy Hoffa, but we never got that discount rate for a short haul 300 mile trip to Carlisle or even a longer one of 900 miles to Chicago or 2,200 miles to Houston. Our new mobile office has basement storage compartments for catalogs.

After watching some of the investigative reports about the cleanlieness of motels, I would prefer to avoid those places also. I had no idea that folk would not use the bathroom, and instead use the bedroom for sxxxxxx and pxxxxx on the floor, walls, ceiling and all the contents. And considering this hot commodity on a Corvette weekend is greater than $100, I got fed up with those folk who don't even speak English too.

Comfort and convenience are more important today. We now have 6000 miles on the mobile office. It has been to several Corvette events, and more are planned. At 70 mph on the interstate it is smooth, powerful and comfortable.


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